#SelfCareSaturday: Angela Turovskaya Shares Her Clean Beauty Routine

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If the stress of 2020 and the pandemic have forced you to reconsider how you interact with the world, prompting more ethical care of how you consume, it’s quite likely that your beauty routine has been part of that reconsideration. Searches across the planet for “clean beauty” are at an all-time high, as we seek to remove chemical-laden products from our beauty routines and replace them with toxin-free, all-natural, holistic, vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free versions. One of the ways we take care of ourselves is in taking care of our planet, and clean beauty has the added bonus of being both beneficial to the body and the environment. In fact, Balmessence founder Angela Turovskaya has gambled her career as a clean beauty expert on that idea, and it’s proven to be successful. 

As a clean beauty platform in the UAE, Balmessence is a one-stop source for some of the most results-driven brands available anywhere. Packed with nourishing ingredients, plant-based derivatives, probiotic goodness, and more, Balmessence boasts the likes of FarmHouse Fresh, ZENOLOGY, CODAGE Paris, and Esse Probiotic Skincare – all brands that we personally adore. Turovskaya searches all over the world for the best brands to bring to her clients, which is why her loyal fan base loves her. But more than that, she is personally committed to a 100% clean beauty routine. Who better to teach us the benefits of swapping our usual line-up for more holistic versions than the Balmessence founder herself? Below, we tapped Turovskaya for her #SelfCareSaturday routine, and details as to why clean beauty is so important.

Angela Turovskaya Balmessence
Angela Turovskaya | Photo: Courtesy of Balmessence

What does #SelfCareSaturday mean to you?
It is a day when I can afford a little bit more time spent on my beauty rituals, as during the week everything is really more ‘express’ when it comes to self-care. 

Do you have a dedicated #SelfCareSaturday beauty routine? 
Sure, going to the beach or going for a deep-tissue massage. After the working week, it’s essential to relax a bit, to clear the mind. I absolutely love to pay more attention to my body like using body scrubs and applying face masks. As I have more time on Saturdays, I usually apply two different masks – one after the other. After face exfoliation, I first apply a clay-based, deep-cleansing mask, which prepares my skin for better absorption of the second mask. And the second mask is usually very nourishing, which suits my skin type.

Do you save any special products just for your #SelfCareSaturday routine, or do you go through the same routine every weekend?
For body exfoliation I love the ‘Activated Charcoal & Peppermint’ scrub by Buddy Scrub. And I use the ‘Red Hot’ body oil by FarmHouse Fresh for my deep-tissue body massages. I usually bring a bottle of this oil for my therapist to use for my massage. 

What are the steps to your routine and what products do you use?
Cleansing and toning is a must for my face, neck, and décolleté every morning and every evening. After toning I sometimes use a serum, and then after a few minutes, I apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream on top. Every weekend, or sometimes also during the week, I use a face exfoliator, cleansing mask, cream mask, or sheet mask.

Some of my favorites are: ‘Plus Toner’, ‘Coco Exfoliator’, and ‘Defense Moisturizer’ by Esse Probiotic Skincare, ‘Lift Anti-Ageing Peeling Medium’ and ‘Mask Serum Eclat de Beaute’ by Perris Skin Fitness. I also love ‘One Fine Day Flawless Face Polish ‘by FarmHouse Fresh – it is perfect for my dry skin.

I really appreciate a good exfoliating effect to keep my skin smooth, and also absolutely love FarmHouse Fresh’s ‘Splendid Dirt Mud Mask’ with pumpkin extract. It gives a deep cleansing effect, and boosts oxygenation and circulation. You can feel an amazing tingling sensation (bear in mind, this is not for sensitive skins). It’s great to continue with a face massage after this mask and then apply a very nourishing cream, if your skin is dry.  

What advantages does using clean beauty products have over regular beauty products?
Firstly, isn’t it great when you treat your skin with care? When you really care what kind of ingredients you put on top of your precious skin? Using clean beauty products will result in fewer irritations for the skin due to harsh ingredients and fragrances found in regular beauty products. It is particularly important for acne-prone and sensitive skin types. Clean beauty products contain skin-healthy ingredients, compared to toxic ingredients, which are absorbed by skin and contribute to the skin looking tired and aged. Some very aggressive ingredients may even disrupt hormonal balance. Using non-toxic, natural, and organic products benefit the skin in the long run, the effect is cumulative resulting in stronger resistance and better function of the skin. 

The ingredients you are putting on your skin daily, your skin will be absorbing daily, and those ingredients will end up in your body. This process is very slow — that’s why it is hard to notice the impact of toxic ingredients, it takes time, it has a cumulative, but negative, effect compared to clean beauty products. 

If you don’t have time to do your full routine, what is one product you always use no matter what? 
Moisturizer. Ideally toner and moisturizer, as my skin is more on the dry side. 

Do you have any other #SelfCare routines, besides beauty, that help center you, calm you, and prepare you for the week ahead?
Sure, other than the regular body massages, I love exercising. Running helps me to release stress. Also, doing hammam treatments once a month is on my plan now. 

Do you have any special #SelfCareSaturday tips for the Savoir Flair reader?
A beauty routine with good products is great. But your mental wellbeing is also key. It is important to change your environment — go to the beach, get a massage, do some yoga, for example, and combine this with your beauty routine. When you are stressed, you really don’t focus on your beauty routine; you probably do it automatically, like a protocol without much care. But it is important to do it with pleasure, really taking care of your skin. It reflects on your face leaving you glowing, calm, and confident. 

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