#NoSpendSeptember: The Best Online Workouts That Require Zero Equipment

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Alright, alright. #NoSpendSeptember ends tomorrow. But COVID-19 ain’t going anywhere. So even if you’re back to loosening up your purse strings, a lot of us are still working from home and avoiding public places like gyms.

The good news is that home workouts are literally a click of a button away. During the worldwide lockdowns, home workouts rose exponentially as people wanted to maintain their physical health, but they also needed a way to mentally decompress as the world blew up in the flames of a pandemic, and physical exercise is one of the best things you can do to relieve stress and anxiety. This means that there are thousands of videos available online that will work out every body part and muscle group, and give you the option of being able to maintain your physical and mental wellness from the comfort of your own home. All without spending a dime. Well, except for your internet bill, of course.

Below, the definitive list of no-equipment workouts that you can do anytime and literally anywhere. All you need is a little space and a device to stream it on.

No Equipment Workouts
Photo: Courtesy of @silviaf.it

45 Minutes of Booty, Legs, and Abs

Pamela Reif

Meet Pamela Reif. Her home workouts burn, baby, burn. And it feels oh-so-good. And the best part? She turns on the music, and she just goes. No talking, no banter, no obnoxious positive motivation from a screen when you are screaming because it hurts so bad. Just plain working out. It’s worth looking at all of her videos and trying out which ones you like the best. But for an intense (and effective) booty, legs, and abs workout, check out this one below.


15 Minutes Arms, Chest, Back, and Shoulders

Maddie Lymburner

Some days, you don’t have 30 minutes to spare. You barely have 20. Enter Maddie Lymburner. Her workouts are short but effective. She also has tons of videos that are apartment friendly — i.e. no jumping and thereby annoying your neighbors or waking up the baby — and of course, require no equipment.

So here is an intense upper body workout that only takes 15 minutes. You will need a wall and a bench (or a chair), so it’s the perfect little pick-me-up at work. So instead of taking a coffee break at the office tomorrow, work on your triceps instead. The endorphin hit you get just from that 15 minutes is worth it.


30-Minute Power Yoga

Class Pass

Class Pass is another great destination for a variety of free home workouts online. And if you’ve never done yoga, it is an incredible practice to take up. It’s non-competitive and it connects mind, body, and spirit wellness in one practice. You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy a good Vinyasa or Power Yoga class. The beauty of yoga is that it truly is an individual practice. You may be doing the same moves as the instructor, or someone next to you, but your experience is a deeply personal one. We feel this video is accessible for beginners, but will challenge even the most experienced yogi.


20-Minute Full Body HIIT

Heather Robertson

High Intensity Interval Training. These fierce workouts are designed to push you to your physical limits and they are hard. And if they aren’t hard, you’re not doing them right. Heather Robertson has crafted a fantastic full-body HIIT workout that has no repeating moves. That means the 20 minutes will fly by. Oh you’ll sweat. A lot. But you won’t get bored. Because if you don’t like a move, just do it to the best of your ability and know that it’ll be over in 40 seconds, and you will move on to some other form of torture.

We also like Robertson because she offers a free monthly workout calendar and a free 12-week workout calendar plan. And that’s just kind.


15-Minute Full Body Stretch

Mady Morrison

Sometimes, it’s not about building muscle or doing cardio. Flexibility, mobility, and relaxation are extremely important for your physical health as well. There are a few reasons why we love Mady Morrison and one of them is her mentally calming, yet effective workout videos. She is a yoga instructor and so uses several yoga stretches for toning and working out, and if you enjoy yoga, you will find lots of great videos by Morrison to keep you going through the week.

We recommend this 15-minute full-body stretch and relaxation video after you’ve finished an intense workout, or on a rest day, just to keep your muscles limber and moving. You may also want to try it one day when you come home from work, as it does wonders to relieve stress and put you in the right frame of mind for a relaxing and restful evening.

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