#SelfCareSaturday: Rhea Jacobs’ Beauty and Mindfulness Routine

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Rhea Jacobs selfcaresaturday routine
Rhea Jacobs | Photo: Courtesy of @therjacobs

And just like that, we’ve reached the beginning of October (I know!). It still feels like I’m back in March, speculating how many days this thing called “quarantine” would last so I could get back to my usual routine. I chuckle as I type this, because, boy, was I in for a surprise. I write this six months later, planted in my make-do home office with a matcha latte on my left and my puppy Gucci on my right – who is doing a wonderful job distracting me by asking for the occasional belly rub. 

I’m currently feeling more calm, composed, and centered than I was prior to this fluctuant period we’re all in currently in. Now let’s get real… I have my days of fear, apprehension, and downright frustration from the lack of knowledge or control we have over everything that’s happening in the world. However, one of the things that has helped ground, uplift, and alleviate my headspace has been taking a step back and nurturing my current state of body and mind: self-care.

Rhea Jacobs and her dog Gucci
Rhea Jacobs and her dog Gucci | Photo: Courtesy of @therjacobs

Self-care holds a very different definition in my mind now in comparison to when I previously regarded it as an occasional trip to the spa, or even getting my nails done. What’s my current self-care blueprint you ask? Think Eat, Pray, Love, quarantine edition. Okay, I’m kidding. As much as I’d like to channel my inner Julia Roberts, I think it’ll be a few months before I embark on any kind of globe-trotting, soul-searching expedition. For now, I’m sticking to things I’ve been practicing within the four walls of my home.

Having spent over four months indoors, my only connection to the world outside has been through a screen. It got quite overwhelming being constantly bombarded with news, opinions, and information – usually of the negative variety – on a daily basis. This ended up being a draining and toxic combination.

So, the first step I took was a mandatory (occasional) social media detox to better detach and reassemble. I’ve also curated my current digital space, screening out avenues that don’t uplift me personally, while focusing on content that exudes inspiration, creativity, and motivation. It’s been an explorative journey discovering how simple things like taking five minutes in the morning to have tea in the garden, journaling, practicing yoga, or even having a soul talk session with a loved one can bring balance back to my state of mind.

Rhea Jacobs beauty routine
Rhea Jacobs | Photo: Courtesy of @therjacobs

This was one of the driving factors behind the reason I launched ‘30 Days of Mind, Body, and Soul with Rhea Jacobs’. The main intention of the initiative was to create a safe and nurturing environment for my online community. Daily online activations included five to 15-minute meditation sessions and 30-minute yoga practices, as well as fun activities like Mandala drawing, growing your own microgreens, maintaining a journal, and decluttering your space.

‘30 Days of Mind, Body, and Soul with Rhea Jacobs’ even had community-building practices like creating care packages for our local frontline workers, supporting local businesses, and contributing to charities. The chaos of a pandemic and quarantine left so many of us feeling helpless, demotivated, and drained. I wanted the activities to empower humanity and make all of us feel alive together as one unit again.

Of course, I can’t write an article about #SelfCareSaturday without mentioning the treasured potions and lotions I use to create an at-home spa experience to help deepen relaxation. A tranquil mix of fragrances and the soft illuminating glow of a scented candle combine with nourishing products to transport me to a zen-like state. What follows is my fail-safe recipe for creating an incredibly relaxing spa experience from the comfort of home.


Set the Scene

A one-way ticket to Nirvana, you ask ? I have one word for you: Diptyque. A few drops of Diptyque ‘Precious Oils’ in the bath, a Diptyque ‘Baies’ candle, and Bob Marley on the speakers will create an experience you’ll never want to end.


Scrub the Stress Away

Ahh, I can just smell the heavenly grape, rosemary, and citrus scent from Caudalie‘s ‘Crushed Cabernet Scrub’ as it exfoliates my stress away. Work a generous helping of the scrub on your body in circular motions for optimum result. Alternatively, I use Neutrogena’s ‘Skin Detox Clay Mask’ as a scrub, and it works wonders.


Pamper the Face

For the face, I recommend cryotherapy, now achievable at home with Anne Semonin ‘Express Radiance Ice Cubes’. This gives me that quick toned and refreshed feel after a warm balmy soak, which I follow with my favorite Dr.Jart+ ‘Dermask Water Jet’ mask.


Roll It Out

After patting on my favorite serum from Shiffa Beauty, I love to use the white jade roller by Knesko to soothe my face. 


Get Quenched

For the face, I like something rich to soothe my combination skin. I like L’Occitane‘s ‘Immortelle Precious Cream’, and for the body I prefer something light and fluffy like Kiehl’s ‘Soy Milk and Honey Whipped Body Butter’.


Last But Not Least...

Once the pampering is done, I climb into my coziest pair of pajamas with a warm cup of honey lavender tea, and finish my wind-down with a good book. I’m currently reading Zero to One: Notes on Startups or How to Build the Future by Peter Thiel and Blake Masters. My three honorable mentions are The Essential Rumi, The Great Gatsby, and The Alchemist

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