The Best Hotels in Georgia to Suit Every Type of Traveler

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Georgia Hotels
Photo: Courtesy of @azeebazee

Have you ever spent hours sifting through thousands of websites and travel reviews trying to figure out which hotel will suit your ideal getaway best when traveling to a certain destination? Yes, us too, and we can’t tell you how many times we have wanted to scream in frustration.

Some hotels lend themselves to a relaxing retreat that you never want to leave, others are in the middle of all the bustling so you don’t miss a moment of culture or art, and still others are so hidden off-the-beaten-path, you wouldn’t even know where to look to find them.

But if you are planning a trip to the verdant, widely undiscovered gem of Georgia, we decided to do the work for you and narrow it down to our favorite Savoir Flair-approved hotels, perfect for the kind of break you are in desperate need of taking. Booking a holiday has never been so easy.

Vacation mode: On.

Bioli Wellness Resort

Vacation Mode: Eat, Pray, Love
Perfect for: When you want to stop, drop, and de-stress.

Post-pandemic anxiety and global trauma aftermath need a proper reset, we know. The ancient town Kojori, just 15 minutes from Tbilisi, has the best place to go for full OOO mode. A luxury forest resort in the middle of the beautiful mountains sounds too good to be true? Then take it up a notch with a holistic wellness concept. Add the special climate and gorgeous views and you have painted yourself the perfect ‘aerotherapy’ setting for your de-stress vacay.

Stay at a private cottage suite of your dreams with panoramic views, walk in the lush surroundings taken out of a fantasy book, soak in nature whilst meditating in breathing pods around the glorious hectares of green hues, and nourish your body with mindfully curated Georgian dishes.  Make sure you partake in some of the many top-notch health and beauty treatments available onsite. The property is well-known for their unique cellular-level approach to wellness that can treat a wide range of chronic conditions and help prevent premature aging.

Summing up the experience in this haven is not easy, but if cozying up on a fireplace nook over a five-star gourmet dinner after a wine or salt bath is your idea of self-care, then we highly recommend Bioli Wellness Resort as your R&R choice of the year.

Georgia Hotels
Photo: Courtesy of Bioli Wellness Resort

The Rooms Tbilisi

Vacation Mode: Where’d You Go, Bernadette?
Perfect for: When you want art, culture, and a little eccentricity.

If you’re into an art deco aesthetic, and want a hotel with some personality, check out the pioneer of independent hotels in Georgia, The Rooms Tbilisi, which houses an inspiring environment that challenges creativity and encourages curiosity. This design-led hotel cannot help but give you Wes Anderson vibes the moment you step into its lobby. Bringing together the old and the new, The Rooms Tbilisi gives hints of Paris x NYC with a glimpse of the evolving cultural scene in Tbilisi.

The art and culture scene is well extended to Lolita, a 19th-Century communal house converted into a space where you’ll find the best comfort food, as well as the coolest mixologies in town. Remember to book ahead if you don’t want to wait in line since both locals and tourists have this on their must-visit list – as they should. It’s definitely one of those ‘don’t miss’ spots.

Georgia Hotels
Photo: Courtesy of @rooms.tbilisi


Vacation Mode: A Simple Favor
Perfect for:
When you want modern architecture, sustainable practices, and a dash of intrigue.

Stamba is the bold and sophisticated sibling of The Rooms Tbilisi, both under Design Hotels’ curated portfolio. Boasting a repurposed Soviet-era publishing house, Stamba’s aesthetics feature cutting-edge design and architecture truly its own. You can see an eclectic mix of the industrial with tropical, the contemporary with vintage, all carefully conceived to celebrate its heritage. The print-drying beam that supports the atrium, the endless walls of books, neon lights in strategic areas, and the brutalist framework are filled with nostalgic references to the 20s and 30s glamour. All the rooms have this aesthetic, plus a lot more personality packed into each.

Farm-to-table dining is highlighted in its vertical farm, a first in the country. In Stamba’s signature unique style, the SpaceFarms is a tech-enabled neon vertical farm within the hotel, which powers its sustainability approach. Everything in Stamba is intentional, and its passion to support the local art and fashion scene extends to its artisan boutique, The Shop. Plus the Tbilisi Photography & Multimedia Museum located in-house showcases just that.

Georgia Hotels
Photo: Courtesy of Stamba

Duende Hotels

Vacation Mode: Swiss Family Robinson
Perfect for: When you want a little adventure.

Drop off your bags at Duende Hotels, and let your inner explorer take charge. The name is a bit misleading since it is more of a premium treehouse set up in the middle of a hidden forest in the Lagodekhi region, but honestly, that was part of the fun. It’s a little off-the-beaten path, but it’s a hidden gem completely worth a trek into the relative unknown to find.

Explore the Kakheti region the heart and soul of the world’s most ancient wine region that is rich in culture, cuisine, music, history, and people. If you love a good plan and want a curated itinerary of destinations to explore, we highly recommend you contacting Living Roots for a bespoke program of memories that will last long after you’ve left.

Georgia Hotels
Photo: Courtesy of Duende Hotels

Lost Ridge Inn

Vacation Mode: Far From the Maddening Crowd
Perfect for: When you just want to be out in the country.

A visit to Lost Ridge Inn always leaves us on a high note – quite literally as it sits on top of the mountains in the tranquil village of Qedeli. A 19th-century farmhouse that now boasts a rustic inn designed by local artisans, a small-batch craft brewery, and an open-fire wood kitchen, this straight-out-of-a-period film location will give you everything you need for that picture-perfect country stay, far from the maddening crowd.

From soaking up the breathtaking Caucasus Mountain while horseback riding, to exploring the scenic village of Qedeli, trying out the diverse culinary mix, and appreciating local vineyards and cellars unique to each village, the Kakheti region has it all. Hidden gems of architecture including fortresses, caves, and stunning landmarks invite you to have a deeper appreciation of the Georgian roots and celebrate the crossroad of traditions on this isthmus of land.

Georgia Hotels
Photo: Courtesy of The Lost Ridge Inn
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