We Went on a Foodie Tour Around The Dubai Mall and Discovered the Best Hidden Gems

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dubai mall food tour ana restaurant
Photo: Courtesy of @ana.restaurant

It’s inevitable. You’re enjoying the day at the Dubai Mall with friends or family when all of a sudden you feel a rumbling in your stomach. Before you know it, you’ve gone from having fun to hangry in about 0.3 seconds. There are plenty of places to eat at the mall, however, if you are hoping to discover the hidden foodie gems outside of the Food Court area, then come along with us.

Savoir Flair set out on a bonafide ‘Foodie Tour’ of the Dubai Mall and it did not disappoint. Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a place to enjoy a cup of coffee, we found the most delicious spots for you to take your next meal. Follow along for our picks on where to eat in the Dubai Mall.

The Best Places to Eat When You're at The Dubai Mall


Best for: Coffee, Breakfast, Dessert, Italian Cuisine
10:00 AM
Tucked away in a corner of Fashion Avenue sits a culinary treasure waiting to be discovered, Gia. With views overlooking the fountains, and a stunning terrace to enjoy during the cooler months, it's the perfect place to sit and enjoy a long, leisurely breakfast. Beautiful artisan coffees brewed to perfection – and sometimes served with dramatic dry ice for extra flair – avocado toast, eggs every way you like them on brioche bread...it’s the breakfast you dream about when you wake up in the morning. We love the warm, feel good food and beautiful presentation, so to be perfectly honest, Gia is one of our favorite go to places in the Dubai Mall. Not to be missed is Dolci by Gia, their recent summer pop up offering spectacular desserts and coffee when all you need is a little snack.
where to eat in the dubai mall gia coffee


Best for: Emirati Breakfast
where to eat in the dubai mall
11:00 AM
Ana is another little gem not to be missed when looking for a delicious Emirati breakfast. The beautiful interior is simple with wooden fixtures, green foliage, and plush couches and chairs to lounge at the table in. While the menu is quite extensive, if you’re looking for some local flavor, we highly recommend sharing a traditional Emirati breakfast. All of the cold mezzes are divine. From the grilled halloumi cheese, to the labneh, hummus, harees, and warm Emirati bread, it's a treat through and through.


Best for: Lunch, Dinner, Meat, African Cuisine
1:00 PM
Lunch at the African restaurant Tribes was an unexpected treat, and well worth visiting again and again, especially if you – like us – are a big fan of meat. Sizzling, juicy, tender cuts of meat from the grill, or the slow-braised ox tail and beef short ribs, had our mouths watering and our taste buds dancing with delight. The sauces are packed with flavors and spices and each new bite was better than the last. Overlooking the Dubai Fountain, the restaurant is designed to feel like a slice of Africa when you walk in, from the decor, to the music, down to the incredible food. Honestly, words don't do it justice. Just trust us on this one: Tribes should be on your must visit list. Unless you're a vegetarian.
Tribes Dubai Steak

Two At Symphony

Best for: Coffee, Tea, Dessert
two at symphony honey pudding
4:00 PM
The elegant Two at Symphony in Fashion Avenue is hands down one of our favorite places to stop by for a cup of coffee or tea and an indulgent dessert in between shops. We love the beautiful, modern design and decor with its pleasing color palette of dusty rose and gold, but the real draw would have to be the honey pudding, the saffron milk cake, the pink tiramisu, the sizzling brownie, and the baklawa cheesecake. Any one of these is a good enough reason to add a little sweetness (and a lot of caffeine) to your shopping trip.

New Shanghai

Best for: Lunch, Dinner, Chinese Cuisine
7:00 PM
New Shanghai offers a feast the whole family will enjoy. With authentic Chinese flavors and so much variety, every single person in the family will find something on the menu they will love. From noodles and soups, to dim sum, dumplings, and roast duck, New Shanghai aims to please every palate. We highly recommend an order – or two – of the exquisite truffle chicken xiao long bao, the chicken buns, sizzling prawns, and of course the fragrant crispy duck. Honestly, everything on the menu we tried was delicious, and we all left with full bellies and happy hearts.
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