The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for All the (Wonderful) Women in Your Life

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Christmas is around the corner, and most of us are still on a frantic quest to find the perfect gift for our loved ones. If you’re on the hunt for a super special gift that will instantly light up her face, we’ve got you covered. Whether it’s your mother, your wife, your Rachel Green-esque picky daughter, your sister, or your best friend, tick off your holiday gift list with Savoir Flair’s comprehensive festive gift guide for all the women in your life.

From the beauty buff to the tech addict, discover the most unique and thoughtful gifts for every kind of woman. Happy Shopping.


Mother knows best. She always went out of her way to get you everything off your Christmas wish list while you were growing up and somehow still shows up with just what you need, if not want. What do you gift the woman who truly deserves it all? Let our festive gift guide inspire you to up your holiday gifting game.


She’s been switching tabs the second you enter the room and having hushed up conversations on the phone. No matter how secretive she’s tried to be, you know exactly what she’s been up to – hunting down the most indulgent Christmas gift for you. As for you, you’re as lost as one could be. If you’ve been sweating to find the ideal gift for your wife for weeks with no real luck, we’ve got your back. From beauty essentials to heirloom jewelry, we are sure that these items will get the tear ducts flowing.


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the trickiest of them all? Picking a gift for your daughter, of course. Gone are the days when all you needed to get your dear daughter to jump with joy was the latest edition of the Barbie doll. While she’ll always remain your little girl, she’s a grown woman now, and choosing the perfect gift for her has never been more puzzling. Gifting your daughter means being in the know of what’s “cool” and what’s not – and for that, you’ve got us. From whizzy beauty tools to the freshest tech accessories, our festive gift guide has got it all.


Growing up with a sister means endless fights over clothes and makeup – something you never thought you’d miss, but you do anyway. Whether it’s your copy-cat little sister, or the one you imitated growing up, or your twin sister who is the polar opposite of you, this holiday season, spoil her with a gift that she’ll cherish forever.


She’s your partner in crime, a shoulder to cry on, your late-night buddy, and your rock who’s been there through everything. Needless to say, she deserves the absolute best. With endless phone calls and texts exchanged every day, you already know her entire holiday wish list, but it never hurts to add something extra, does it? Let her know how much you appreciate her by making her Christmas extra special. How? With these carefully curated gifts, of course.


Let’s face it; working from home (read: working in PJs) has its perks. But, if there’s one thing you’ve missed, it’s your work wife and her ability to make even the most stressful days seem breezy. If you’re planning on leaving a little bundle of joy on your work buddy’s desk, our festive gift guide might be a good place to start.

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