The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for All the (Special) Men in Your Life

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Christmas is only a few weeks away and so far, that perfect gift has alluded you. Because, honestly, what do you actually buy for men? Don’t worry. Whether it’s your father, your brother, your husband, your son, or your best friend, Savoir Flair has cherry-picked this year’s go-to gifts for all the men in your life. From the funny, the smart, the sensible, and the romantic, we’re pretty sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, for who you’re looking for. It’s going to be one very, merry Christmas. Happy shopping.

For the Father

Whether you are ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ or trying to win Daughter-in-Law of the year, we have the perfect gifts for you. And okay, sure. You have fond memories of sitting in front of the tree, squealing with delight while you waited for your father to open the gift you had hand-selected for him – a bright green tie with a giant red Santa on the front and a light up Rudolph nose. But ask yourself, did you ever see Dad wear that tie again? Well, grown-up you has just upped your game. Because these gifts – even the tie – are sure to be hits and give you that same happy feeling, but leave Dad feeling rather merry himself.

For the Husband

It really does all depend what kind of a relationship you have with that special man in your life, doesn’t it? Do you two like to make each other laugh hysterically or sob with all the feelings of love into your Christmas wrapping? A perfectly chosen gift which is at once romantic, personal, poignant, and perhaps a little quirky, can do wonders for a marriage. We think this might just be the year that you win Christmas.

For the Brother

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou? As the sister, you are honestly allowed to get him pretty much anything, even that weird and utterly useless hand statue you saw at Daiso. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should. He might be your big brother, little brother, or maybe even your twin brother, but one thing he most certainly will be is thankful that you are his sister after he opens the gift he always wanted but never knew he needed this holiday season. Any one of these gifts are sure to tickle his fancy and get that cheeky grin you love so well out of him. And maybe even peel him away from the Playstation so you guys can finally talk about what you got mom. It’s a win-win in the game of sibling love and rivalry.

For the Son

When it comes to the men in your life, it is not really a fair competition with a mother’s son. Apple of your eye, there might literally be no one else in the world that you would forgive so quickly, love so completely, and protect so fiercely than your baby boy. Who isn’t a baby anymore. So this Christmas, treat that handsome young man who can make you laugh no matter what mood you’re in, to something truly as special as he is. He may not be a child anymore, but he will always be Mama’s Boy.

For the Best Bud

He’s your buddy. He’s your pal. The one who has gotten you through the worst of times and laughed you through the best of times. You honestly don’t know how you survived in this city without him. And now that it’s Christmas, you need the perfect gift to let him know how much you appreciate him. Without him getting the wrong idea. And that’s why we love these gifts. Perfect for your bestie, and it will make you both thankful for friendships that were built to last a lifetime.

For Your Colleague

Oh no. It’s the dreaded office Secret Santa and you drew the name of that guy in HR who you have had one, maybe two conversations with — and they were mostly about spreadsheets. What do you do? What does he like? How in the world are you supposed to buy a present for someone you barely know? Don’t worry. We’ve got your back. No need to stalk him on Facebook and give away the goose. You’ve got this. Any man would be ecstatic to receive these gifts because they are just the right amount of amazing and unique. It’s a win for him and a win for you. But be warned. Next year, people are gonna hustle to make sure you are their Secret Santa.

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