Ramadan 2021: Savoir Flair’s Complete Guide to the Best Iftars in Dubai

Discover the best iftar offerings in Dubai for Ramadan 2021.

Discover the best iftar offerings in Dubai for Ramadan 2021.

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The Holy month of Ramadan has finally come, and unlike years of Ramadan past – and last year’s COVID uncertainty – this year we have so much to celebrate and be thankful for. As every venue in the city starts to roll out their special iftar menus to be shared with family, friends, and loved ones, we at Savoir Flair have been testing the tastes around the city looking for the not-to-be-missed iftars of the year. We ate together as a team and reconnected over delicious food and laughter as we explored new cuisines, fusion cuisines, and even plant-based cuisines. Our pants are a little tighter, and our hearts are a little lighter. Ramadan Kareem, dear Friends.

dates nuts rachael gorjestani unsplash
Photo: Courtesy of Rachael Gorjestani

When you are ready to break your fast with the flavors of Italy, it doesn’t get much better than Scalini. Offering a filling feast with all of your favorite Italian dishes from beginning to end, it is certainly a sumptuous meal meant to be enjoyed over long hours and with good company, just as the Italians do. When in Rome, right? Cristiano, our amiable Italian waiter, played the joyful host and shared each dish with such pride it could have come straight from his own kitchen. Our favorite dishes would have to be the creamy minestrone, whose plentiful vegetables and spices were dancing across our tongues, the Gnocchi de la Nona – Grandma’s Gnocchi in a pink sauce, and, of course, the traditional lasagna had us melting into our plates. The carb and dairy fest was followed by a to-die for tiramisu, a quick espresso, and a cheeky little glass of limoncello, and our bellies were thanking us all the way home.

Price: AED 345 per person
+971 4 349 0068

Break your fast looking out at one of the most iconic and stunning views in Dubai and sharing a meal of fresh seafood cooked the Italian way. Roberto’s is serving up their signature dishes for an unforgettable Iftar this year. Start with an escarole and lentil soup, followed by Roberto’s signature pizzas of beef carpaccio and truffle and the super popular Parmigiana di Melanzane, and finish with pasta and secondi courses that include saffron couscous with mussels, clams and shrimp, or a grilled rack of lamb with roasted kale and chickpea hummus. Of course, the homemade desserts by Roberto’s very own pastry chef do complete the perfect meal for an Iftar to remember.

Price: AED per person
+971 4 386 0066

Bounty Beets
Not every iftar meal has to be a guilt-filled feast, as proven by our recent visit to Bounty Beets in Le Meridien. The sharing appetizers alone were well worth the visit. The velvety beetroot hummus and avo on gluten-free toast was bursting with flavor, while the harissa cauliflower and grape salad was perfectly balanced by the lemon tahini dressing. We couldn’t get enough of the basil hummus, which was the clear star on the mezze platter. For mains, our favorite was the loco taco shawarma, which featured an interesting combination of shawarma-spiced beef with tzatziki on zucchini taco shells. The standout dessert was definitely the very rich, melt-in-your-mouth cashew cheesecake on a multi-seed crust, topped with salted caramel popcorn. Even though it wasn’t a traditional iftar – there was no lamb ouzi or umm ali in sight – the entire meal was delicious, pleasantly satisfying, and healthy to boot.

Price: AED 129 per person
+971 4 511 7373

Located at South La Mer, Masti is offering a 5-course iftar featuring Chef Prasant Chipkar’s signature quirky-but-wonderful Indian fusion menu. Highlights of the evening were the daal-like buttery lentil soup and the Chipotle Paneer Tikka – where the texture of paneer blended beautifully with the smoky flavors of chipotle. Also worth noting were the Prawn Moille, a traditional South Indian dish with its light fragrant coconut curry, as well as the Corn Haleem topped with ricotta balls, which played on the traditional Haleem but used corn to deliver a twist on tamales. The karak-infused semifreddo was light and refreshing and was a perfect match to the burrata toast with salted caramel and berries. All in all, the wonderful combination of culinary influences in an eclectic setting is destined to make for a memorable iftar.

Price: AED 150 per person
+971 4 344 4384

Not only is it probably the most beautiful view in Dubai, but this Ramadan José Avillez has brought his one-of-a-kind Portuguese iftar to Tasca in what promises to be a highlight of your Ramadan. A multi-course menu of traditional Portuguese flavors, fresh ingredients, and a unique offering of Ramadan-inspired mocktails makes breaking your fast sharing scrumptious food an evening to remember.

Price: AED 265 per person
+971 4 777 2231
www. mandarinoriental.com

Dubai Iftar
Photo: Courtesy of Bombay Brasserie

For an authentic, Arabian-inspired iftar, make your way to the peaceful setting of Chef Silvena Rowe‘s Nassau where you will be treated to all the flavors you’ve been craving as you waited patiently for Ramadan. Delicioius cold and hot mezze, partnered with soups and happiness-inducing mains like the delectable Seabass Harra, followed by crowd pleaser Nutella Tiramisu, you literally cannot go wrong. You will also have the options of traditional Arabic sweets, dates, laban, and fresh fruit juices to break your fast with an authentic Ramdan iftar.

Price: AED 225 per person
+971 4 586 7777

The Bay

When we live in Dubai, we get spoiled by beautiful beaches and The Bay’s iftar is no different. Dine in full scenic view of the Arabian Gulf at the beachside brasserie located in the Mandarin Oriental. This year, the family-friendly restaurant is celebrating the venue with a variety of treats and delights buffet style. Let the aromas of the seafood and spiced meats tantalize your senses, and enjoy every bite of the gourmet desserts while you and yours enjoy the perfect location to break your fast in Dubai.

Price: AED per person
+971 4 777 2233

The only restaurant in Dubai that offers authentic Uzbekistani ingredients bursting with flavors due to the fertile lands and agreeable climates, OSH is quite simply a must try this year for an unforgettable Ramadan iftar. Featuring signature Uzbek cuisine with Middle Eastern flavors, indulge in the Moutable, Babaganoush, Chicken Shashlik, Panko Seabass, Lepioshka, and finish it all off with the amazing Milk Cake.

Price: AED 149 per person
+971 55 963 6756

When the coast of Italy meets the vibrant flavors of Arabia, we assume it would somehow come out tasting like Marea‘s iftar this year. One of DIFC hotspots, with everybody’s favorite menu item – melt-in-your-mouth Italian burrata – kicking off the fast, followed by handmade Rigatoni in an exquisite wagyu beef bolognese, you literally cannot go wrong. Throw in a Cioccolato for that eruption of chocolate, and you have yourself a fine meal indeed.

Price: AED 249 per person
+971 4 583 6366

Executive Chef Schilo van Coevorden, a culinary master at bringing unique, creative, and re-imagined culinary delights to the table, has brought a one-of-a-kind twist to your traditional Ramadan iftar. Throughout the Holy Month, Taiko is offering an authentic taste of the Far East as it blends the rich flavors, spices, and evocative textures of Asia and Middle East into one. For example, you cannot miss the Wasabi-flavored falafel or the Lobster couscous. Nor will you be able to pass up the Wagyu Biryani and the Asparagus with Tahina, and let’s not even get us started on the traditional Umm Ali infused with matcha. Every nationality can partake and enjoy the culture and heritage brought to life in one multi-cultural celebration for the tastebuds.

Price: AED 195 per person
+971 4 281 4010

Dubai Iftar 2021
Photo: Courtesy of Yalumba

Brasserie Boulud
For the perfect harmony of French cuisine with the bold and vibrant flavors of Arabia, we recommend Brasserie Boulud, where Chef Daniel Boulud is concocting an iftar menu that is simply inspired. It’s a taste Arabia with a European twist. Located at Sofitel Dubai the Obelisk, the unmistakably singular dishes are sure to bring you and your family back to try the regular menu as well.

Price: AED 195 per person
+971 4 281 4020

The H Dubai
If its the traditional route, The H Dubai is offering an iftar menu with everyone’s favorite Ramadan sharing dishes including: Hot and Cold Mezze, Mixed Grill, Lamb Ouzi, and those inimitable Arabic Sweets for starters. The private dining experience for just your family and friends and the decent price point really are simply more reasons to make your way to The H Dubai this Holy Month.

Price: AED 159 per person
+971 4 501 8888

Flow Kitchen
Indulgence is encouraged in Flow Kitchen’s traditional Arabic iftar menu to break your fast family-style this Ramadan. Start it all off right with a couple of dates, followed by the cold mezze, and a whole variety of shared platters filled with mixed grills, kebabs, harra potatoes, and other Ramadan favorites. But before you indulge in one too many kebabs, make sure you leave a little space so you can partake of the desert buffet that will be stocked with all of your local favorites. If you’d like to enjoy a little shisha after your meal, just meander over to Mashrabiya Lounge after 7:30pm for a variety of shisha flavors to choose from.

Price: AED 215 per person
+971 4 457 3388

The restaurant tucked away in the Dubai Mall and born from three Emirati sisters who wanted to create a beautiful, cozy eatery inspired by their mother, Asma has exactly what we were looking for in an iftar. Featuring the freshest ingredients and rich flavors from Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Palestine, and Egypt, the menu has been specially crafted to encourage diners to share their food with loved ones as they take a culinary journey filled with the aromas and flavors of the Middle East. This Ramadan, support local, and open your fast with a traditional iftar with a creative Arabic twist.

Price: AED 220 per person
+971 4 394 0646

Nothing says “so Dubai” more than a night at the fashion-inspired Palazzo Versace, so why not experience an iftar fitting of the beautiful city we live in? Enigma, the authentic Persian cuisine inspired by Executive Chef Mansour Memarian‘s Iranian roots is hosting a tempting set menu fit for the Queen of Sheba. From Sabzi Khordan to a delicious homemade Persian cheese and roasted Persian bread, guests will be able to make their way from starter to main to desert without losing interest in one bite.

Price: AED 230 per person
+971 4 556 8805

Dubai IFtar 2021
Photo: Courtesy of Taiko
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