These Are the Absolute Best Breakfast Spots in Dubai Right Now

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best breakfast restaurants dubai

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and Dubai’s active café culture means the options for your morning meal are practically endless. Savoir Flair has whittled down the list to the best of the best, with a diverse array of options that include casual bistros, garden cafés, and more. Keep reading to discover our top picks of the best breakfast spots in the city.

Angelina Paris

Tucked away in a corner inside Dubai Mall, Angelina Paris tends to fill up soon after they open. With a breakfast menu that good, who can blame them. Skip the coffee and opt for their signature hot chocolate instead – it is hands down the best in town. Rich, part-sweet, part-bitter, it is served with a dollop of cream on the side. Next up, a warm croissant from their vienoisseriemais bien sûr. We then decided to try their figs and goat cheese tartine from their outstanding new menu. Served on top of sourdough, this part sweet, part savory dish was a winner in both taste and presentation. We also tried their avocado toast with poached eggs, which comes with little slices of red chilly in the smashed avocado. Get there a little early to enjoy a leisurely breakfast before it gets crowded. Bon Apetit

angelina paris


Want an instant serotonin boost? Book a table at Chef Izu’s restaurant concept Carine – named for his wife – for breakfast. The rolling greenery of the Emirates Golf Club surrounds the covered and cooled outdoor patio at Carine, providing the kind of verdant beauty that’s hard to come by in Dubai. Its small but excellently calibrated breakfast menu of classic French and Meditteranean fare is such a treat, and it’s only served on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.). 

As soon as you sit down, two bread baskets hit the table overflowing with house-made apple turnovers, gorgeously laminated croissants, and nutty cinnamon rolls. Served with lush butter and homemade jam, you’ll be in carb heaven. Next, dip into savory ‘Shakshuka’, which is a flavor bomb of runny eggs, onions, stewed tomatoes, and hazelnuts. Or opt for the mouth-watering ‘Eggs Benedict’, which boasts the best hollandaise in town. We loved the lemony, creamy freshness of the sauce, whose slight acidity cuts through the richness of veal bacon and poached eggs (you can choose another type of protein if crispy bacon isn’t your thing). Save room for a second course, because the French toast is out of this world. Featuring a perfectly brûléed crispy exterior with a warm custardy interior and served with homemade vanilla whipped cream, jam, and berries, this is one dish we’ll definitely be back for.

Carine french toast best breakfast in dubai

Cipriani Dolci

Okay, we know that Cipriani Dolci is world-renowned for its delectable dinner menu, and the lunch is to die for as well, but hear us out. We went to the smaller Cipriani located in Fashion Avenue of the Dubai Mall to see why there was a line a mile long every time we stopped by, and we wanted to go for breakfast because a) no one ever tries out the breakfast, and b) crowds. To be perfectly honest, the breakfast menu is really limited, as in there are not a lot of choices, but the reason Cipriani Dolci made our list is because we loved the choices they gave us. The Eggs Benedict on a buttery, fresh-from-the-oven brioche and dripping with hollandaise sauce was absolutely divine. The kind of luxury you look forward to getting out of bed for. The coffee was snob-approved, and the pastries…dear Lord, the pastries. We wanted to eat them all. In fact, I believe we took two home for later since we were too full to try them all there. Simply put, Cipriani Dolci is decadent, excellent, delicious, and the perfect respite no matter what time of day you may find yourself walking around the mall looking for a good place to eat. But if you make it in time for the breakfast menu, then you truly are the lucky one.

best breakfast

Circle Cafe

Okay, we are not going to lie. After the delicious food, what we love most about this eatery, is ordering it in. Why? Because sometimes (a lot of times) we don’t want to get up and get dressed to go eat breakfast, and we don’t want to cook either. We just want something scrumptious to come to our door. Circle Cafe had us at “we deliver”. Fresh juices and smoothies start the day just right, and a healthy Greek yogurt bowl topped with hunks of dark chocolate, granola, mixed berries, and drizzled with agave syrup and mint doesn’t hurt either. You know what else doesn’t hurt? Eggs scrambled, fried, poached, or made anyway you like it mixed with all your favorites. Like labneh, roasted tomatoes, haloumi, and asparagus, or the truffle sweet potato cakes. Bonus? They serve warm coffee too. With a click of a button, you are enjoying a delicious and hearty breakfast with everything you could possibly desire in your pajamas and slippers. It’s like ordering room service in a hotel, but better.

best breakfast dubai


What do you get when you combine excellent coffee, whimsical beverages, delicious breakfasts, and beautiful fountain views? There’s something about early mornings at GIA that feels unapologetically luxurious. Located at Fashion Avenue in Dubai Mall, the restaurant gives an Italian and Mediterranean twist to traditional breakfast dishes like ‘Avo Eggs Benedict’, ‘Truffle Scrambled Eggs on Toast’, and ‘Uova Tegamino’, which is a refined version of the shakshuka. Meanwhile, those craving for sweet, nostalgic flavors will enjoy the ‘Brioche French Toast’, a lovely creation with mixed berries, mascarpone cream, and drizzles of Nutella. In need of a morning pick-me-up? Awaken your senses with a steaming cup of cappuccino, freshly brewed fragrant tea, or any of the refreshing mocktails to get you going.

best breakfasts dubai giadubai

Ibn AlBahr Seafood Restaurant

Sink your toes into the sand first thing in the morning, and look out at the peaceful waters of the palm while sipping on your coffee and devouring a delicious breakfast. Sounds like a great start to a day, right? Well, you can trust us. It is. Ibn AlBahr Seafood Restaurant is the latest seafood spot to hit Club Vista Mare, and while we definitely enjoy tasting the fresh catch of the day for lunch and dinner, nothing quite beats that morning air – or that traditional Lebanese breakfast. In your breakfast basket you can expect scrumptious fried eggs, haloumi, labneh, hummus, manakish, balila, and the most flavorful foul moudamas you’ve yet to try. It’s a feast for two and it fed our entire family of two adults and two kids. But look, you don’t have to take our word for it. Michelin put Ibn AlBahr on the prestigious ‘Bib Gourmand’ list making official what we already knew. It is a spot not to be missed.

best breakfast dubai


Laduree‘s breakfast menu offers a delightful blend of French classics with a Middle Eastern twist, enhanced by the elegant ambiance of the patisserie. The menu boasts a wide range of options, from fresh fruit to eggs and baked goods, giving us an abundance of choices. One dish that particularly stood out was the ‘French Toast,’ served with maple syrup and fresh berries. It was light and fluffy, with a perfect balance of sweetness, making it an impeccable start to our breakfast. Equally impressive was the ‘Croustade Morel Scrambled Eggs,’ presented in a light, crispy croustade shell. The perfectly cooked eggs harmonized with the rich and creamy morel sauce, offering a delightful mix of flavors and textures. Another highlight was the ‘Muffin Scrambled Eggs with Salmon,’ a variation of ‘Eggs Benedict’ featuring poached eggs, smoked salmon, and a luscious Hollandaise sauce atop an English muffin. The ambiance complemented the fare, with muted pastel colors and vintage-themed decor throughout, crafting the ideal backdrop for a leisurely morning meal.

best breakfast dubai


This is how we do breakfast. We visited the gorgeous location in City Walk and entered a floral garden reminiscent of a cafe in the South of France. Spacious wooden tables, a pastry display that made our heart skip a beat, and little nooks and crannies to get comfortable for the food to come. We ordered the avocado toast, which came seasoned and separate for us to spread as much – or as little – as we saw fit. The basil-infused olive oil was the perfection we craved in our avo, and the fact that we were in charge of our portions sealed the deal. Then came the holy grail of French Toast with a crunchy, caramel coat on the outside, and a soft, mushy center on the inside which sent us spiraling into breakfast Heaven. A beautiful ambience, a long, enjoyable meal over delicious food, and even a final slice of cheesecake to go started off our day on Cloud 9. Definitely a breakfast we want to repeat.



Located at KOA Canvas in Al Barari, award-winning restaurant LOWE’s unique menu features one-of-a-kind dishes, and if you’re looking for a simple croissant, you can forget about it. This award-winning restaurant offers crumpets with ricotta and honey and toasted banana bread instead. Their warm madeleines come with passion fruit yogurt and are not to be missed. To start on a sweet note, we recommend their waffles which come with torched cream and candied pecans. And if you’re looking for something savory, then we suggest trying salt beef fried rice with egg and peanuts – it’s a medley of flavors and extremely filling. For the vegan, then their vegan chorizo muffin with fried tofu will not disappoint.

best breakasts dubai

L'Occitane Café

If you want to be transported to the South of France without leaving Dubai, then L’Occitane Café in City Walk will do just that. From its signature interior decorated featuring bright yellow and little bunches of dried lavender sprigs to the shop-in-shop, dining here is a whole vibe. A heads up, you might end up shopping here a LOT after your breakfast. The food at the café is outstanding, to say the least. We started on a simple note (at first) by ordering their ‘French Countryside Breakfast’. With freshly baked croissants, eggs, and a breadbasket, not only is it filling, but it’s tasty and homely. The ‘Provençal Breakfast’ was equally good, and the homemade granola hit the spot. We won’t deny, we got a little greedy and decided to order the pancakes too – a fluffy pancake trio, it comes with crème anglaise, berries, and almond crumble. And if you’re looking for something to take home and enjoy with a coffee later, we highly recommend their chocolate and raspberry cake. It serves as a perfect afternoon pick me up. Breakfast at L’Occitane Café would be best enjoyed sitting outdoors during this gorgeous winter.

l'occitane cafe

Maison Mathis

Maison Mathis at the Arabian Ranches Golf Club is one of our favorite places to go during cooler weather. With its lush golf course views, beautifully decorated interior, and an excellent breakfast menu, this place tends to get booked out during the weekends. The pain au chocolat and the Boule de Berlin (a donut filled with homemade custard) are a must-have here. For the eggs benedict lovers, they have an entire section of the menu titled ‘Benedict’ featuring various meats – lobster, pulled beef, and salmon. If you’re in the mood to really indulge, we highly recommend their full English breakfast. They also have a lovely kids’ play area, which is currently under renovation but will be ready very soon.

maison mathis

Next Door Kitchen

Whether you’re looking to start your day eating the rainbow or eating your feelings, Next Door Kitchen at Dubai Creek Harbour has all the options for that, and then some. Its breakfast menu, which is available all day, is filled with brunch classics, indulgent treats, as well as good-for-your-health plates. Keep it exciting with truffle eggs on toast or the smashed avocado with poached egg and smoked paprika. For something healthier, the ‘Chia Pudding’ or the ‘Granola Bowl’ will go a long way. Pair your dish with one of the restaurant’s healthy smoothies, or a cup of cold-brew bulletproof coffee, and you’ll never want to skip breakfast again.

best breakfasts

No. Fifty Seven Boutique Cafe

The No. Fifty Seven Boutique Cafe located at THAT Concept Store in Mall of the Emirates is a modern and chic cafe that everyone wishes was in their neighborhood. A beloved spot of Dubai’s most fashionable crowd, the menu here is equally stylish and interesting. Breakfast options include ‘Activated Charcoal Pancakes’, ‘Truffled Scrambled Eggs’, and ‘Mini Croissant Cereal’. It is also one of the best coffee spots in town, with its unique selection of both classics and fusion drinks. Don’t miss the ‘Marocchino con Nutella’.

No Fifty Seven Boutique Cafe


Like its name suggests, Risen is the ideal breakfast spot, especially for those who live in the Marina. First and foremost, let’s talk about the coffee. Not only is it freshly ground and brewed by baristas who actually know what they’re doing, they have a resident coffee artist who loves a challenge and will create any design you ask for. It was like a game. How many cups of coffee could we drink (a lot) before we could stump him on a design. But we also go to Risen for the breakfast food served at our favorite time of day – ALL day. They have every breakfast dish you might be craving. If you’re looking for something on the healthy side, we loved the ‘Homemade Roasted Granola Parfait’ with Greek yogurt, goji berries (which are so good for your health, by the way), honeycomb, pistachio, and berries. But if you really want to taste something delicious, treat your taste buds to one of the benny’s or our personal favorite: the ‘Hickory Smoked Crispy Bacon – East Meets West’ from the R&R Breakfast menu. We are talking a special, Risen pancake (it’s like a cross between a waffle and a croissant), topped with house-spiced chili jam, sliced avocado, Persian feta cheese, mixed greens, free range poached eggs, and truffle mayo that makes every calorie worth it. 

best breakfast dubai

Room 1618

The recently opened Room 1618 in Mirdif Hills is so mouth-wateringly delicious, that we might just be checking into Room 1618 for the long haul. The Neo-classic design oozes elegance and charm, and the home-baked goods make you want to take a picture…we mean bite. The restaurant is the brainchild of four international chefs who specialize in the art of baking, and boy is that apparent. From the decadently layered Nutella Pain au Chocolate to the sweet and warm Apple Galette, the buttery croissants, the fresh-from-the-oven country bread, and the flaky cube masterpiece filled with creamy cheese and topped with pesto, prosciutto, and a cornichon, it had us at Good Morning. We will be back to try the other half of the menu tomorrow.

best breakfast in dubai
ROOM 1618

SĀN Beach Club

Clear blue skies, turquoise waters, swaying palm trees, and sand-hued interiors; it doesn’t get more idyllic than an early morning spent at SĀN Beach Club. Located on the shores of Palm West Beach, the newly opened restaurant is fast becoming the go-to place for soaking up the sunshine and enjoying a steaming cup of coffee, while listening to the calming sounds of the sea waves. On top of classic breakfast favorites — think freshly baked pastries, pancakes, and traditional English breakfast — diners can also savor healthy options like açaí bowls, avocado toasts, and wholesome egg dishes like shakshuka, omelet, and eggs benedict. Inspired by and named after Africa’s first people, the San, the venue encourages guests to get connected with nature and welcome the day enjoying nourishing cuisine and a harmonious atmosphere.

best breakfasts in dubai


At Sfumato, breakfast is a delightful mix of tastes from around the world, strongly influenced by its Ukrainian roots. Its standout ‘Shakshuka’ is a hearty dish of peppers, tomatoes, and spices, topped with perfectly poached eggs. It carries a smoky nuance, echoing the soft color transitions of the sfumato painting technique after which the restaurant is named. The comfort this dish offers draws you into a happy food bubble, making every bite feel like a mini global adventure. But don’t get too caught up in the ‘Shakshuka;’ the crepes deserve their spotlight, too. These light, golden treats come with a truffle honey drizzle that’s incredibly tasty. And let’s not forget about the coffee — it’s so excellent, it could easily be the headliner of any caffeine lover’s dream. Just like the genius inspirations behind Sfumato’s menu, the dishes take your taste buds on a culinary revelation faster than you can say ‘yum.’


tashas cafe

Whether you like to start off your morning with something sweet or savory, tashas cafe is sure to hit the right spot. Since it opened in Dubai in 2014, tashas cafe has cemented itself as a go-to place for an excellent meal. Not only is the coffee superb, the wholesome breakfast plates are to-die-for. Each branch has its own signature item; and in Al Barsha, it is the ‘Last Minute Eggs’. This dish is made from two perfectly poached eggs on a bed of buttered leeks, baby spinach, chilli butter, roasted peppers, and cherry tomatoes. It’s a wonderful blend of flavors — fruity, spicy, and incredibly light. Meanwhile, a must-try for the sweet tooth would be the fluffy brioche french toast served with berries, cinnamon sugar and maple-flavored syrup. You might want to share that one, it is quite filling but oh so worth it! And if you find yourself tempted to extend your stay until lunchtime rolls around, tashas has scrumptious options for that, too.

last minute eggs tashas


If you didn’t know it was there, you might miss it. Terra sits on one side of Waitrose in Umm Suqeim (Friends Cafe is on the other side), and walking in is like taking a deep breath into an urban jungle. Dark green foliage accenting elegant, neutral colors greets you when you walk in the door, as well as hand-crafted wooden furniture, plants in clay pots, and twines of jute hidden in plain sight. You are surrounded by an oasis the minute you find the pathway to the front door, and it cocoons you into this sanctuary where the busy roads just outside are easily (and quickly) forgotten. After trying all the different types of coffee, make sure you fill your belly with something a little more hearty, but equally as tasty. We loved the Avo Toast with sliced avocado, creamy burrata, heirloom tomatoes, and an organic egg cooked any way you like (we like it poached lightly so the yolk erupts onto the plate). The scrambled eggs pot with fresh shaved truffle was also a hit, and you cannot imagine the joy that comes after a bite of the french toast topped with a juicy apple compote, pistachios, and vanilla ice cream.

best breakfast dubai

Three By Eva

Three By Eva, the homegrown neighborhood eatery by Eva Halasa and her two daughters, has quickly become one of our favorite little secret gems of Jumeirah. We can’t get enough of the dolmas, koosas, and roasted lamb. However, if you’re visiting for breakfast, we recommend you order the Dukkah eggs made with a chili charcoal labneh, chili oil, magdous, and plump, cherry tomatoes over two poached eggs for a saucy and spicy dish that coats the mouth. We also enjoyed the shakshouka – which boasted a three-hour cooked tomato blended with eggs, spinach, garlic, and served with homemade sourdough bread. But what really surprised us was the ‘Feta Brûlée’, a happy accident in the kitchen turned popular dish consisting of baked feta cheese mixed with walnuts and dates, and caramelized on the top for a spread that is a balance of salty and sweet, with flavors that have at last found each other. Also, it’s worth mentioning that we do take our bike down to Three by Eva just to pick up a loaf of bread when we’re out because the sourdough with dates is something else.

best breakfasts dubai
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