Celebrating the Holy Month of Ramadan

How to Eat Healthy at Iftar this Ramadan
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As the ninth month of the Islamic calendar approaches, Muslims around the world are preparing for Ramadan. Also known as the Holy Month, it celebrates the revelation of the Qur’an to the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). During this period, which can last 29 to 30 days depending on the sighting of the moon, Muslims around the world will fast from dawn to sunset.

Traditionally, Ramadan is spent with families and loved ones. Charity and remembering the less fortunate are also key messages during the month.

The two main meals – iftar, which marks the breaking of the fast at sunset, and suhoor, the last meal before the rise of the sun and the start of another day of fasting – become social occasions that are shared with those closest to you. Muslims will either congregate at a relative or friend’s home or head to one of the special buffets hosted by most hotels and restaurants in town.

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On the fashion front, Ramadan is a time of modesty and humility, so demure clothing and minimal makeup are encouraged. For the perfect modest wardrobe, focus on stylish coverups or maxi lengths. Luckily for you, the longline silhouette, which is elegant and effortless with just a hint of slouchy, lazy-girl appeal, happens to be one of this year’s biggest trends.

Each year, the region’s emerging design talents as well as the rest of the global fashion industry, which is taking more and more of an interest in Ramadan, produce special capsule collections for the Holy Month. For example, kaftan designs by the likes of Alexis Mabille, Antonio Berardi, and Osman are available to shop from Symphony in The Dubai Mall.

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Rising temperatures and the lack of water consumption for most of the day make hydration a real concern for Muslims around the world. It is therefore all the more important to consume enough water and hydrating foods between sunset and dawn. Skincare and beauty products packed with moisture also become key during the month, whether that’s a hydrating mist spray, a moisturizing cream, or a special hair treatment.

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Eid al-Fitr marks the end of Ramadan and a month of fasting. During this holiday, which can last anywhere between one and three days, Muslims will celebrate by spending time with family, wearing new clothes, and gifting money to children, family, friends, and the poor.

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