Exclusive: Kate Hudson Talks Fashion, Red Carpet, and Fitness

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Since her first onscreen appearance in 2000 as Penny Lane in Almost Famous, Kate Hudson has captured our attention and our hearts for the way she exudes effortless, bohemian cool. She’s the kind of person we’d love to be BFFs with, especially if that means we get to go shopping with her. Fortunately, her new collaboration with Jimmy Choo is a step in that direction, as Hudson worked with the brand to produce a photo diary to highlight her favorite styles from Jimmy Choo’s Fall/Winter 2015 collection.

Click through the gallery above to discover her diary, and read on for her interview, shared exclusively with Savoir Flair, in which she reveals her style influences, Jimmy Choo favorites, and fashion philosophies.

Describe your style and any eras, icons, or influences you have?
I would say that my style sort of depends on my mood, but comfort is definitely the common denominator, which means a lot of pieces that are flowy and light. I’ve always been attracted to the 70s – sexy, with a lot of freedom in the overall aesthetic. My fashion icons are Julie Christie, Anita Pallenberg, Kate Moss, and Cher.

The Fall/Winter 2015 Jimmy Choo collection is inspired by ballet – how does the discipline affect your approach to fitness?
I grew up dancing. My mom put me in dance classes when I was three years old, and I did ballet up until 12 before she allowed me to take more types of dance, like lyrical. I wasn’t allowed to skip classes; I just knew I had to go. The beautiful thing about dance is you have this intense discipline and, once you have that foundation, you can feel free and let go. It applies to everything, even acting – you rehearse and get connected to the character in order to let go and get inside who that person is. Dancing really connected me to my body in terms of understanding what my body needs.

Tell us about your favorite Jimmy Choo style from your photo diary shoot today. Why do you like it and where would you wear it?
I think my favorite look was the pink, velvet, ballet pair with the big skirt we shot in the window. The whole look had a vintage Oscar de la Renta vibe to it; it was so ethereal and relaxed. Those shoes are beautiful and the color of the shoes made the black dress feel like something so special.

What is your earliest fashion memory?
I was a little girl and I went with my mom to a fitting with Bob Mackie for a special she was working on. She was in his studio and there was fabric and sequins everywhere. I was in awe; it was like being in a little fashion dream! I remember he made me a package of little sequin bow pins, in all different colors. There were about ten in the package he made me, and it was a moment I will never forget because I was so excited.

What motto or life rules do you live by?
I have a couple of them. I think it starts with authenticity. For me, it’s something I really struggle with, because if I feel like I’m letting people down if I’m trying to conform to what others think I should be. To be authentic and truthful is truly the most important thing for me. It can be scary, because not everyone will like your truth, but I find that when I’m in that space, I’m a lot happier in my life and I feel less pressure and less concerned. Also, the idea that you only live once – the idea of living each day as if it might be your last – makes you want to be present and enjoy life. Your eyes open up and really see things. I just want to make the most of it while I’m here.

Describe your first pair of “grown up” heels or bag, who bought it, where you wore it, and any memories you have of it.
I must have been 12, and it was graduation. My mom didn’t let me wear heels back then, but I used to go in her closet and try hers on, of course. I wore a sundress that had a big skirt and it was white with little cherries on it. My mom bought me my first pair of high heels that day, they must have only been an inch or so. They were bright red and she gave them to me all wrapped up. I was so happy! So my first pair of heels were bright-red pumps, which I couldn’t have been more excited about.

How do you and your “glam squad” decide what to wear to red-carpet events?
I work with a lot of the same people and everyone’s opinion matters. It is usually a hard choice between two (typically totally different) directions. We all weigh in and then really just talk about it. Sometimes it sort of works itself out and sometimes we just play. Putting the hair up, leaving it down; it’s like playing dress up, figuring out what makes sense for this look, and for you as a person. It has to feel comfortable – that’s key for me.

Which fashion season is your favorite and why?
I’m always excited to see fall/winter. That is my favorite season for fashion; I love the layers and textures and it’s just richer. But my favorite fashion season to wear is summer. I’m definitely such a girl in summer. I like to wear things that are flowy and as little as possible, because I don’t like feeling like I’m bound into anything. Summer is also the most fun for accessorizing.

Which performance have you learned the most about yourself from since becoming an actress and why?
Even the movies that aren’t as well-known or successful still have had a huge impact on me as learning experiences. I love being on movie sets and I have learned something on every one I’ve been on. I love observing the process of making a film and I love to learn, so I really try to take it all in. Some movies are longer shoots, so you develop deeper relationships with people. Almost Famous was a very long shoot, so it is very memorable for me. I also loved working with Robert Altman and experiencing his style of directing; he was all about the freedom of the actors. He once told me that he was the canvas and we were the paint. That is part of what I love about the job. I’ve learned from so many different filmmakers, but I’ve always been attracted to and fascinated by the camera department and fortunate to watch and work besides such masters as John Toll and Bob Richardson. I ask questions about types of lenses and usage of light – everyone has a different approach. What I’ve learned is to stay present in the work and not bring my personal life to my job.

What are the best beauty tips you’ve learned from the experts over the years?
My mom’s makeup artist for years, Tom Case, could have four items and would make the most beautiful face with them. He was a master at contouring and I remember studying him while he would do my mom’s makeup. That is where I learned to highlight and shadow. Inside eyeliner for natural makeup is another tip I picked up. Basically, if you put eyeliner on the inside of your eyes, top as well as bottom, it really opens them up and makes them pop.

In your opinion, what are the health and fitness changes everyone should make to improve their lives?
I would say cutting sugar, or at least being aware of how much you are ingesting in a day and limiting it. That was an eye-opener for me; I realized I was craving it like an addict around 4 p.m. every day. I would crave something sweet and it hit me how much sugar we really eat. Fitness wise, try to do something active that doesn’t feel daunting, and make yourself do it four times a week. It doesn’t need to be long and it could be a walk around the park. Anything that gets you moving and your lungs expanding four times a week gets you motivated. It gets your heart rate up and gets you connected to your body. The third would be more about mental health and meditation. My mom and brother have been doing it forever, and I never felt like I had the time with work and my kids. It was my New Year’s resolution last year to meditate five to ten minutes a day. That has been the biggest change in my life. I have gone from five minutes to 20 and it starts my day off more grounded and more focused, as well as less reactive. It is a tool I go back to throughout the day when I am feeling stressed in order to center myself.

Photos: Courtesy of JIMMY CHOO

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