Two of a Kind: Catching Up With Reem and Natalya Kanj

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Two of a Kind: Catching Up With Reem and Natalya Kanj

Savoir Flair’s newest series, Two of a Kind, celebrates the bonds of friendship between inspiring women in our region in other words, the #GirlSquad. Author Ray Bradbury wrote in Something Wicked This Way Comes that love is formed from common cause, and no cause is more common than that of sisterhood. For that reason, we’re shining the spotlight on two best friends, the sisters and stylish bloggers behind Reem and Natalya Kanj share everything from bags and clothes to the unbreakable bond of family.

We caught up with the two stylish sisters over a British meal at Retro Feasts to talk style, substance, and sisterhood. Click through the gallery above to see the photos, and read on below for a personal look at their relationship.

Could you each describe what the other one was like when you were kids? Were you close growing up?
Reem: Natalya was always really shy and quiet, and I was always loud and out there, but we were close from early years.

Natalya: Reem was definitely the bossy one. We’ve been really close since we were young and, as the younger sister, I would always copy everything she did.

As you grew older and started a blog together, how did your relationship change? What is it like now?
Reem: It’s not been the easiest of journeys. Working with family or friends is always difficult, but the upside is that there’s no one else on the planet I could trust more. You’re always going to have each other’s best interest at heart and, of course, it could not be more fun creating everything we do together.

Do you talk everyday?
Natalya: Yes, definitely. We always end up discussing the blog even when we’re supposed to be taking a little break from work. Although I’m in Dubai and Reem is in London, we still find time to talk to each other. We practically live off Whatsapp voice notes.

What did you argue about as kids and what do you argue about now?
Reem: Clothes, toys, Disney movies the list goes on and honestly not much has changed. Natalya is very accustomed to getting her way and guilt tripping me into leaving a bag or two behind for her every time I travel, and I have my eye on a lot of her wardrobe, so it goes both ways!

Natalya: We didn’t argue so much growing up. We definitely have some ‘sisterly’ arguments now, though. We drive our friends crazy over it.

Natalya, what’s the most important thing that Reem taught you – and vice versa Reem?
Natalya: She’s taught me so much and I still learn from her everyday. She’s definitely taught me that you can achieve whatever you want in life. All you have to do is go and get it.

She’s taught me so much and I still learn from her everyday.

Reem: Natalya has always taught me how to have my wits about me. I’m a very open and trusting person, and she’s the one that draws me back to reality and gives me great advice on being a little bit more reserved when it comes to letting just anyone into my life.

Reem, what advice does Natalya come to you for – and vice versa Natalya?
Reem: She always comes to me for anything to do with work, running your own home (which is so hard), and sometimes boys!

Natalya: If she’s not sure about something she’ll definitely ask for my opinion, and she knows I’ll give her the honest truth.

What do you enjoy doing together?
Reem: Sitting on the sofa eating her fresh homemade popcorn and watching Friends or any other stupid thing we can find!

Natalya: Eating we share a huge love for food.

What do you think of each other’s style?
Reem: I love her style. I think it’s minimal and cool.

Natalya: I love Reem’s style. She’s more of a risk taker than I am.

What would you change about each other’s style?
Reem: I would definitely advise her to show off her figure more. Not in a revealing way, but perhaps with less baggy pieces. She has worked so hard in the gym and deserves to show it off!

Natalya: I don’t think I would change anything.

What’s your best fashion memory of each other?
Reem: I’m so thankful that our mum was a shutter bug. She took so many amazing photographs of us when we were little that there are too many 80s and 90s fashion memories to count!

Natalya: Going to my first-ever couture show at Paris Fashion Week with Reem. It was Elie Saab and incredible!

Who always borrows what from the other one’s closet?
Reem: Natalya is always stealing my bags, and she always tries to convince me to leave clothes behind. I wish she’d give me back my mini Balenciaga ‘Papier’.

Natalya: I love stealing her bags. She has a really great selection and I somehow always manage to get my hands on at least one every time she visits.

What would you like to steal from each other’s closet?
Reem: I want to steal her shoes, but we’re not the same size!

Natalya: Her shoes! We’re not the same size and it’s so frustrating. My favorites are the ones that don’t fit me!

What do you think makes your relationship as sisters and best friends so special?
Reem: Trust and, of course, a love for each other as sisters. Sisters share a really strong bond, so it’s very special.

Natalya: We’ve been through everything together. A sisterly bond is different to any friendship you can have. We’re so different, yet so alike, and I think that makes our relationship special. I know exactly what she’s thinking at times, and I’m sure she does with me too.

What are your favorite things about each other?
Reem: I love how she laughs at everything. She’s super easily amused, which means I’m a ‘funny person’ according to Natalya.

Natalya: No one I know makes me laugh as much as Reem does; that’s one of my favorite things about her. That and her wardrobe.

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