Exclusive: Miranda Kerr Talks to Savoir Flair About Love, Life, and Jewelry Ahead of Mother’s Day

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The start of spring is not just the turn of another season; it’s also a special time for millions of women around the world. Preceding the first day of spring, Mother’s Day, celebrated in the Middle East on March 21, is an entire day dedicated to motherhood and all it entails. International supermodel, beauty ambassador, and Swarovski spokesperson Miranda Kerr knows a thing or two about being a full-time mom, raising her adorable four-year-old son Flynn while still managing a globetrotting career. Ahead of Mother’s Day, Kerr talks exclusively to Savoir Flair about the jewelry brand’s latest selection for the occasion and what the special day means to her.

Tell us about your jewelry history. What was the first piece of jewelry you remember?
My relationship with jewelry started with my grandmother’s pearls. She had a pearl necklace and earrings, and I thought they were so cool and very chic. They were not real, but she made them look real just by the way she wore them. Now, I am planning to add the new Swarovski ‘Stardust’ to my wardrobe; the new pastel colors are perfect for spring and summer!

What are your jewelry habits? Do you wear jewelry every day?
On a daily basis, I like to wear a casual look, but I always add a little piece of jewelry for some sparkle. I love small earrings and delicate bracelets. However, for a night out, I like to complete my look with bigger and more sophisticated pieces.

Rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold?
The three of them! I love to mix different metals at the same time – the final result is amazing.

Why do you think the subject of love is so significant in jewelry?
I think jewelry is a sweet way to demonstrate your love. Jewelry is used as a metaphor for love; it shines, it makes you smile, and it lasts forever.

What does Mother’s Day mean to you?
Before, it was an important day to show my gratefulness to my mother. However, since I became a mum myself, it has a whole new meaning. I am so grateful to be a mother. I really like to spend time with my son; he is my most important project.

What is the most memorable Mother’s Day gift you’ve ever received and the most memorable one you’ve ever gifted?
When I was little, I used to personalize gifts for my mum. The most special gift I ever received was my first Mother’s Day; it was very touching to see this day through the eyes of a mum for the first time.

What are your Mother’s Day plans this year?
I will spend my whole day with my son. That’s the best plan in the world for me.

How would you personally style some signature pieces from the Swarovski Mother’s Day selection for a casual day out versus a red-carpet event?
I like to mix two different necklaces, playing with different lengths. Personally, I love to combine the ‘Triple Christie Oval’ necklace with the single and shorter one. They are very fine and delicate, inspired by the early spring flowers, so you can easily combine them with any spring or summer outfit.

What’s your favorite piece from the Mother’s Day selection?
I really like the ‘Christie’ rings. It is a set of three stackable rings in soft pastel tones. They are very delicate, yet easy to combine with other jewelry.

How did you feel when Swarovski first approached you to be the face of the brand? How has the collaboration been so far?
When Swarovski chose me to be the face of its campaign again, I was very honored, because I have so much fun working with the team and I love the jewelry and the attention to detail. I love the versatility of the products and the fact that they are affordable and wearable, and you can mix and match them with your wardrobe. Swarovski really has something for every woman, because every woman is so individual and unique, like the pieces.

Which Swarovski piece are you hoping to receive this Mother’s Day?
I already have the ‘Christie’ oval necklace, so I am hoping to get the delicate earrings or the stackable rings. But the best gift is to spend this magical day with my beloved son.

The Swarovski Mother’s Day selection is available at The Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates.

Photos: Courtesy of Swarovski

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