Concrete Jungle: An Exclusive Shoot with Nathalie Trad

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Tomorrow, Dubai-based accessories brand Nathalie Trad will globally launch its highly anticipated Spring/Summer 2015 collection at Harvey Nichols – Dubai. To celebrate the unveiling of ‘DINÉ1938’, Savoir Flair teamed up with the accessories sensation and a group of regional influencers handpicked by Trad herself, for a special shoot.

This dynamic group of women included co-founder of the Middle East’s first woman-only angel investment group Womena, Elissa Freiha, music producer and ever-so stylish Dana Hourani, and Savoir Flair’s very own Accessories Editor, Soraya Sawan. When asked to describe Nathalie Trad bags in five words, Freiha said, “[They’re] raw. Refined. Regal. Rowdy. Rectilinear.” As for the type of woman who carries the unique brand, Hourani says she is someone who “seeks luxury, yet wants to explore new boundaries by embracing unconventional designs. Nathalie Trad can attract both the classical woman and the modern-day fashion enthusiast.”

The latest collection uses the brand’s signature materials of stunning shells and stones, while introducing new designs. Some of the new standout styles include the monochrome ‘Clayton’ clutch, checkered ‘Hugo’, colorful ‘Klee’, and updates on classics such as the now classic ‘Dysdera’, and ‘Polygonia’. “DINÉ1938 is meant to be held, explored, and constantly rediscovered, thus instilling within the pieces a sweeping sensorial experience and a shared dimension of meaning,” Trad tells Savoir Flair exclusively.

Read on for an in-depth chat with Trad and click through the gallery for the exclusive shoot.

In your own words, what type of woman carries Nathalie Trad?
The woman I design for tends to be fluent in the language of art and design. She isn’t necessarily looking for trends, so much as special pieces to add to her wardrobe and hold onto. She carefully chooses the pieces she wears because they are an extension of who she is. I definitely see her as a strong, independent woman who is confident in the way she dresses and presents herself.

What made you choose to launch SS15 globally at Harvey Nichols – Dubai?
Harvey Nichols is recognized as a landmark in Dubai. They have a deep understanding of what their customers want and expertly edit their collections to cater to not only the Middle Eastern clientele, but also the constant flow of travellers from around the globe. They represent the epitome of fashion, combining culture and modern design within one environment. It is truly a 360-degree experience.

Harvey Nichols – Dubai has believed in us from the very beginning, and has supported our brand from the very first season. This is the first in-store launch event for us, and it is an honor to be able to kickstart our SS15 collection in our home.

How important are Dubai and the Middle Eastern market to your brand?
My role as a designer in the Middle East means that I can be a part of a rising community that is in the process of creating a design hub in the region. I can be a part of a group that highlights the talent and unique perspective of designers from the Middle East, globally. By coming together, supporting each other, exchanging ideas, and encouraging each other to push boundaries, we can create a united front to show the world what “Made in the Middle East” signifies.

How do you want women to feel when carrying Nathalie Trad?
I am striving to create pieces of wearable art and hope that the women who carry them will feel a sense of confidence and individuality. Most importantly, I want them to feel like themselves and for the pieces they choose to be an extension of who they are.

Special thanks to the Media One Hotel.

On Dana
Self Portrait dress
Balenciaga sandals
W. Britt earrings

On Elissa
Vince jumpsuit
Alexandre Birman sandals
Lisa Freede earrings

On Nathalie
Sandro top
Designer Remix pants
Balenciaga heels

On Soraya
Sandro dress
Alexandre Birman sandals, Soraya’s own
W. Britt rings

All from Harvey Nichols – Dubai

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