Five Years of Savoir Flair: A Letter From our Founding Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Haleh Nia

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As I write this letter, it is still May 31st, hours away from the first day of June, which marks Savoir Flair’s five-year anniversary and an exceptionally celebratory month-long period in our office. Though the number five is generally not a huge milestone for most companies, it is indeed for our region and our industry, which is technically still in its infancy and which has seen no other title reach such accolades.

Looking back, it is truly hard to believe it has been five years since we launched Savoir Flair as the Middle East’s first online magazine. As a pioneer of the digital industry, it makes me indescribably proud to see the growth of our site across the years, especially considering the whirlwind pace at which not only we, but our amazing industry, has grown.

Five years ago, there were a handful of Middle Eastern designers we could profile. Now, happily, there are hundreds, many of which we are first to discover and feature. Five years ago, I was the only editor from the Middle East attending Milan and Paris Fashion Week. Now, I proudly sit in an area dedicated to the region, rubbing shoulders with many of my incredible journalist friends, and am proud to share with you the collections first-hand from Instagram, which didn’t even exist back then. Five years ago, we were the first online publisher to produce high-fashion editorials. Now, we proudly hold the distinction of also being the first – and only – online publisher to shoot the couture collections (case in point our beautiful music-themed photo shoot to commemorate this five-year anniversary, entitled The Perfect Fifth).

I hold in very high esteem every single feature we have published on the site, first as pioneers and now as leaders of the industry. With the biggest and best editorial team the region has to offer, every single individual on our full-time staff is an authority in her field. From chasing a celebrity or designer interview for months to breaking ground on what’s new to what’s next, our team of incredible journalists work painstakingly, day in and day out, to bring you the region’s most exclusive content first, curated in the typical Savoir Flair fashion which the region has come to know and love.

The past five years have seen us collaborate with amazing names, from our co-branded events with the likes of Hermès, Moda Operandi, Jimmy Choo, and Ralph Lauren, to commercial partnerships with every luxury fashion and beauty house under the sun. The years have also seen our editors travel the globe with such noteworthy names as Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, and Dior to discover a world of inspiration, in person, about these incredible brands.

Moving forward, the coming year is going to see us launch our first-ever app, which we are delighted to reveal in the coming weeks, as well as a brand new site for which we will be making an announcement very shortly. Before we do, however, I must take a moment to thank every single one of our phenomenal partners for your support over the years. Your unwavering backing of our site has made it an absolute pleasure to work with you for every single day of the past half-decade.

And finally, to all of our wonderful readers, far and wide: Thank you for coming along this incredible ride with us for the past five years. We look forward to continuing to be your constant source of fashion inspiration every day, whether you prefer your Savoir Flair with a morning cup of coffee, as I do, or whether it’s the last thing you read at night.

To many, many more.

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