An Interview with Pamela Love

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Photo: Courtesy of Pamela Love

Before launching her namesake jewelry line in 2006, Pamela Love had completed film school, spent time as an art director, and worked as a stylist. As we find out during our exclusive interview with the New York-based designer, she channeled her creativity into jewelry design early on in life, fulfilling a childhood passion. In just a few seasons, Love has gained international acclaim. Her most recent project was an exclusive collection created for Net-a-Porter. We spoke with Love about her inspirations, what accessories she can’t live without, and her new pieces for Net-a-Porter.

Tell us about your journey to becoming an accessories designer and the process of creating your own brand.
I’ve always made jewelry as a hobby, even when I was young. After college, I was working as a painting assistant to Francesco Clemente, who was very encouraging of my work and always told me that I should pursue it. My job working for him was very flexible, so I had the time to become an apprentice in the jewelry district of Manhattan where I learned the additional skills that I needed to start my line. My first clients were friends and family, and it all grew very naturally.

How has growing up and living in New York impacted the way you design?
It’s important to me to surround myself with as much art as possible, and New York is a great place for that.

How would you describe the connection you have to jewelry? Is there a specific memory or time when you first discovered your passion for accessories?
It has always been fascinating to me how personal and powerful jewelry can be; I love that an inanimate object can hold so much emotion. People give and receive jewelry in major life moments, like a wedding ring or a necklace that you get as a high school graduation present, and whenever you see that piece again you’re immediately reminded of the moment that you got it. I wanted to be a part of sharing this type of experience and relationship with pieces that are so close to someone, emotionally and physically.

When you are designing, what inspires you the most?
I’m fascinated by magic and ritual.

Tell us how a piece of Pamela Love jewelry comes to life.
I start by pulling inspiring images and putting them together with other found objects on a giant mood board. From there, I start sketching a piece, getting a mold made, and then I have the piece cast. Everything is done domestically and much in Manhattan, near our studio, so it’s great to be able to see your piece come to life very quickly!

What was the inspiration behind this exclusive collection for Net-a-Porter?
I really wanted to create a collection that highlighted elements and symbols that I work with every season in my main line, while also refining them to be more wearable and versatile. I am incredibly pleased with the outcome of my collection for

What accessories do you wear every day?
I always wear my ‘Arrowhead’ pendant, ‘Tribal Spike’ necklace, ‘Empire Reflection’ necklace, wedding ring, engagement ring, serpent rings stacked in gold and silver, ‘Pavé Arrowhead’ ring, and my snake ring, which is one of the first pieces that I made.

What’s the one piece of jewelry that you absolutely cannot live without? 
My wedding ring.

How do you want people to feel when they’re wearing your designs?

Who would you love to see wearing your jewelry?
Neil Young.

Who are your favorite designers?
Isabel Marant, Mara Hoffman, SUNO, Candela, Esquivel, and Reece Hudson.

What’s next for Pamela Love?
I’m always working on the next season!

Click through the gallery above for some of our favorite pieces available on

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