The Most Beautiful Birthstone Jewelry for Every Month of the Year

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Jewelry is as much about the significance it holds to the wearer as it is about aesthetics. Perhaps that explains why jewelry makes the ideal gift to mark special occasions or express just how special our loved ones are. Symbolic bijou has been cherished for centuries, but nothing comes quite close to the popularity of birthstone jewelry. 

A birthstone is a gemstone that represents a person’s period of birth or zodiac sign. While the origin of birthstones can be traced back to biblical times, the concept of assigning a birthstone to each month is only a few centuries old. Astrologers determined the gemstones closely associated and, more importantly, in harmony with each zodiac sign that would bring good fortune and energy to the wearer. Gemstones were then assigned to each month based on this analysis. Whether you believe in the mystical nature of birthstones or not, we can all agree that birthstone jewelry makes an incredibly intimate and meaningful gift both for your loved ones and yourself. 

Scroll down to discover what your birthstone represents and shop Savoir Flair‘s editor-approved birthstone jewelry. 




For those born in January, the deep red, symbolically rich garnet is your ruling stone. While garnets can be found in several colors, the scarlet-colored stone is believed to be a symbol of love and friendship known to grant its wearers strength and safety.




In ancient times, amethysts were used to aid in the healing of war wounds. It was believed that the purplish hue of the stone possessed purifying properties that helped relieve suffering. In the modern world, the healing power of amethysts is used to relieve stress, anxiety, and fear while encourage serenity and peace.




The bright blue birthstone of March babies – aquamarine – is believed to evoke the calming, soothing, cleansing properties of the serene ocean. Aquamarine is also believed to impart wearers with courage.




With the most sought-after gem in the world as their birthstone, April babies are surely the luckiest ones. Transparent, scintillating, and reflective, diamonds are a symbol of purity and love. The precious crystal is also a symbol of strength and clarity.




One of Cleopatra‘s favorite gems and a representation of Goddess Venus, historically, emeralds were considered a symbol of hope and love. In modern society, the precious stone is thought to signify wisdom, abundance, and patience.



Pearl or Alexandrite

June babies can choose either pearls or alexandrite as their birthstone. While pearls have long been a symbol of purity, alexandrite represents growth and peace.




One of the four precious gems, ruby symbolizes energy, youth, love, and passion. The striking gemstone is unlike any, which means that lucky July babies have a wide variety of stunning ruby-embellished jewelry to choose from.




Here’s a fun fact: The name of the lime-green birthstone ruling the Leos – peridot – actually comes from the Arabic word faridat, which means gem. Peridot is believed to act like a protective talisman, instilling power within the wearer and shielding them from harmful energies. 




The striking blue sapphire gem has been cherished for centuries as a symbol of faithfulness, sincerity, nobility, and truth. Some cultures also believe that the precious stone comes with healing powers.



Tourmaline or Opal

October babies can choose between the colorful tourmaline or the precious opal. While the tourmaline is considered to be a gem that balances energy and grants enlightenment, opal has long been associated with optimism, creativity, abundance, and peace.



Topaz or Citrine

For those born in November, you can choose between two striking gemstones – topaz and citrine. While topaz comes in several gorgeous shades, citrine ranges from vivid pale yellow to orange-brown hues. Topaz is a symbol of love and makes a great gift option. It is also believed to bestow strength on the wearer. Citrine, on the other hand, is known to promote vitality and abundance.




December’s bright blue ruling stone – turquoise – is considered to be a symbol of affection. It is also believed to signify good fortune and protect the wearer from harmful energies.

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