#NoSpendSeptember: Fashion Hacks from TikTok to Shop Your Own Closet

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Photo: Courtesy of @camilacoelho

For #NoSpendSeptember, we decided to give our closets a makeover without spending a dime, so we turned to Tiktok (our new favorite playground), for style tips and fashion hacks to see if we could find anything that could bring our same-old/same-old into a new find.

We culled all of the most popular fashion girls and picked out their best tricks for updating their looks, all by using what they already have in their wardrobe (and perhaps a rubber band or two). From fashion tips to style hacks, surely you have something in your closet that could use an upgrade and make you feel like a brand new woman.

So go ahead and give it a try. Rock a new style with your favorite tee, and get that shopping feel from the convenience of your own home without any buyer’s remorse!


Karen Wazen

3 Simple Fashion Hacks

It’s no secret; we love Karen Wazen. We love her family, her sunglasses, her dances with her kids, and we love her style. She has a lot of videos, but we like this one where she gives three simple fashion hacks for a t-shirt, oversized belt, and an oversized blazer. Pretty sure that belt and blazer must have been her husband’s at one point, but clearly she can make anything work for her. He probably won’t even get it back, that’s how great it looks on her. But the point is, if you need a break from your clothes, raid someone else’s closet and make it work for you.

@karenwazen3 simple fashion hacks that I almost use in every outfit ❤️❤️ ##fashionhacks ##styling ##styletips ##tiktokfashion ##fashion ##karenwazen♬ original sound – karenwazen


Taylor Hage

How to Dress up Sweat Suits and Leggings

Who hasn’t been living in sweats and leggings since COVID happened? Well, Taylor Hage, TikTok Queen of style tips and tricks, has given us two ways to stay in our favorite cozies and still be able to turn heads at the grocery store. But if this doesn’t do it for you, head over to her TikTok page because we are pretty sure she owns every piece of clothing ever invented and wears them 21 ways to Sunday for new looks every day.


Tamu McPherson

One top. Six Looks.

You cannot help but smile when you see Tamu McPherson‘s TikTok videos. She’s an Instagram star, so she only has a few videos on TikTok, but they are gold. Like in this video where she styles her favorite top of the season (we love the puffy sleeves) and dances her way to fashion heaven simply by changing up the bottoms and shoes to create six dynamic and different looks.


Leonie Hanne

How to Wear Your Shirt 4 Ways

Leonie Hanne only recently joined TikTok during lockdown, and we are so glad that she did. Her look is perfect every time, and her style tips and fashion hacks are just what we need. Like this one below where she ties a button-down shirt four different ways. The result is elegant, artsy, and unique. You’ll definitely want to try this one.

@leoniehanneHow to wear your shirt 4 ways – Which one is your fav? ##fashionhack ##styletips ##stylingideas♬ original sound – Leonie Hanne


Chriselle Lim

How to Dress Up Your Lazy Sweatshirt

Chriselle Lim was already a well-known fashion stylist on Youtube and her blog, The Chriselle Factor, but TikTok propelled her into full influencer stardom with her hilarious persona of ‘Rich Mom,’ a shameless and fun persona who offers up fashion and beauty tips and tricks as well as female empowerment. She frequently features ‘Rich Dad’ (her husband) and her incredibly cute kids, and allows them to style her as well.

In this genius video, she takes a lazy sweatshirt and makes it look glamorous in five super simple steps, all the while reminding us ‘kiddos’ that she never wants to see us looking sloppy again. Sending over our adoption papers now.

@chrisellelimHey kids, Take your lazy casual sweatshirt and look expensive af! What else do you guys want me to film? Love ya ##yourrichmom ##fashion ##style♬ original sound – chrisellelim


Camila Coelho

3 Cool Ways to Tie Your T-Shirt

Brazilian bombshell Camila Coelho offers her followers all of the tricks from fashion, to beauty, to food, and working out. But her ‘Three Ways to Tie a T-Shirt’ has gotten reposted so many times, it’s no wonder we are seeing tied t-shirt styles ‘cropping’ up (pun intended) everywhere we look.


Jessica Wang

Turn Your Purse Into A Mini Back Pack

Jessica Wang‘s TikTok is the CliffsNotes of all the iPhone hacks you wish you knew, how to frame yourself in a picture, and pose for the best angles alone or in a group photo. But she also dishes out great tips for changing things up in your wardrobe and style. Like this clever video where she takes her Tod’s purse with a long strap and quickly turns it into a mini backpack, thereby changing her look with one accessory.


Aimee Song

How to Style Snakeskin Shorts Three Ways

Oh for one day to live in this woman’s closet. If it’s a fashion guru roundup, then Aimee Song was going to be on this list. In this video, she takes the ever-cool snakeskin shorts and styles them three different ways: top, shoes, belt, bag. Done. Now if only we had some snakeskin shorts.

@aimeesongLet’s be honest, we’re all wearing the same clothes while being quarantined. ##styletips ##happyathome ##tiktokfashion ##ootd♬ Beyoncé Check On It JBroadway Remix – JBroadway


Camila Coelho

1 Summer Top 3 Ways

Yes, yes, yes, we already saw Coelho do the cool t-shirt trick, but these three styles with one top were too good to resist. We had to share. Not only is it the perfect top that checks all of our boxes in terms of fashion, style, and fun, but she changes the look up so completely. We can all learn a fashion thing or two.

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