#SupportLocalFashion: Arab Creatives Collaborate on Reemami Shoot

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In the third installment of Savoir Flair’s #SupportLocalFashion initiative, we’re celebrating the magic of Arab creatives coming together and collaborating as one to highlight their individual talents in support of a UAE-based brand with a sustainable story. 

It’s no secret that Savoir Flair is a huge fan and longtime supporter of regional fashion brand Reemami and its founder Reema Al Banna. Never one to follow prevailing fashion trends or seasons, her highly individualistic and art-focused efforts have resulted in one of the region’s most consistently creative brands. Manufactured in Sharjah, UAE, Al Banna’s work focuses on reducing its fashion footprint by keeping limited stock in-house, and producing per order in order to comply with the brand’s strong ethical ethos. 

Reemami’s recent shoot with ILNA Collective immediately caught our eye. ILNA Collective was founded by Saif Hidayah and is a recently relaunched creative consultancy hub driven by independent MENA designers. Through ILNA Collective, Hidayah partners with regional designers to help ideate and shoot their campaigns, and offers them a platform for increased exposure.

This editorial shoot, in particular, exemplifies the concept of Arab creatives networking together to create something special. With photographer and frequent ILNA Collective collaborator Omar Shaheen, the Reemami x ILNA Collective shoot came together in Dubai, starring (and styled by) DJ Basil AlHadi and model  Aai’sha Asad. Even with a dark background of Dubai at dusk, the luminous prints from Reemami’s collection and the energy of this brilliant collaboration can be felt through each photograph. 

The shoot concept centered on Reemami’s headbands, made from repurposed fabrics, which are embedded with wire so they can be sculpted and worn in various shapes. Using this idea, Al Banna drew up a sketch of the concept, which was then brought to life by photographer Shaheen.

All of the looks from the shoot are currently shoppable at Reemami.com. Due to Reemami’s unique production model, all of the chapters of the brand’s previous stories are preserved and continuously shoppable on its website, in an effort to prolong the lives of the designer’s dreams.

Meet the Team Behind the Shoot

Omar Shaheen, a young photographer in Jordan, frequently participates in editorials that highlight the talent of Arab designers. Shaheen excels at capturing a youthful mood, with much of his work capturing streetwear and emerging designers. You can find his work at @omarsha3.

Dubai-based, Kuwaiti-born Basil AlHadi (aka Karrouhat), is an Arab creative talent who wears many hats. Not only is he a beloved DJ who spins killer sets at Dubai’s hottest fashion parties, but he also dabbles in other creative endeavors like styling, is the lead singer of the band Karrouhat, and has even walked the runway at Paris Fashion Week for streetwear brand Les Benjamins. For the Reemami x ILNA Collective shoot, AlHadi not only styled it, but also starred in it. You can find out more about him and book him for music gigs and fashion shoots at karrouhat.com.

When ILNA Collective creates shoots for designers, they prefer to go against typical fashion stereotypes and reach out to models who are personal, relatable, and fresh-faced. For that reason, Palestinian model Aai’sha Asad was tapped for the Reemami x ILNA Collective shoot. You can find her at @sheikhyerbuiti.


Art Director and Photographer Omar Shaheen Curated by ILNA Collective Stylist Basel AlHadi Models Aai’sha Asad and Basel Al Hadi Designer Reemami

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