Are You an Expert at Online Shopping? Answer, Inside

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Raise your hand if you’ve indulged in online shopping more than you care to admit over the past weeks – it’s not called “retail therapy” for nothing. Online shopping is currently one of the most popular activities worldwide, and for good reason. You can have practically anything delivered from the convenience of your couch while you adhere to #stayhome guidelines for the sake of safety and, these days, that includes all things luxury.

In fact, there has never been a better time to purchase high-end luxury items online, especially in the Middle East, which begs the question: how savvy are you when if comes to online shopping? Are your credit cards perpetually at the ready? Do you stick to a budget or see where the mood takes you? Do you deploy personal stylists or wade through the forest of e-tail alone? Whatever your online shopping style is, our quiz below will help you determine how to maximize it.

Now, with legendary luxury maison Dior launching its inaugural foray into e-commerce in the region, those iconic bags, fashion jewelry, and even chic baby clothes are only a click away. Can you imagine an embroidered ‘Book Tote’ or elegant ‘Lady Dior’ bag showing up at your door? We can. But before you head over to Dior’s virtual pop-up, check in with the quiz below to see how your smarts stack up.

How many concierge services are you subscribed to?

At least three.
At least one.
What’s a concierge service?

How many credit card numbers do you have memorized?

At least three.
At least one.

How many shopping apps are on the home screen of your phone?

At least three.
At least one.

What’s your online shopping attitude?

I frequently buy a lot of inexpensive items to keep my look current.
I save, then splurge on long-lasting luxury items.
I mostly purchase mid-range wardrobe staples.

Do you know a personal stylist?

What do I need a personal stylist for?
I follow a few on Instagram.
Of course, I have them on speed dial.

How often do you pay for shipping?

Never, I know all the sites that offer free delivery.
Every time I shop – isn’t it part of the price?
Occasionally, but only when I really want something.

How do you plan when you can’t live without a luxury item?

I pay cash for it out of my monthly budget.
I save for it and hope it doesn’t sell out.
Enter: my credit card.

Have you ever discovered something you want to purchase via social media?

I didn’t know I could.
All the time.
I’ve considered it.

Do you know how to read an online size chart?

Yes, but I don’t always use them.
Reading size charts is in my DNA.
Wait, are there are size differences between regions?

Which do you prefer when you’re shopping online?

Going directly to the brand’s e-commerce website.
Shopping a multi-brand e-tailer.
Fast fashion sites.


You’re so savvy about online shopping that you could easily moonlight as a personal shopper. You know when the collections hit the shelves, what to buy, and when to buy it. Chances are high that you knew about the Dior e-commerce launch before any of your friends did.


You know your shoe size in Italy, the US, and the UK. You’re great at price comparison, and know how to maximize your budget. However, you also could benefit from buying more quality over quantity, thereby making the most of your purchases in the long run.


If you’re always paying for shipping and buy lots of little things from lots of different places, you may want to reset your online shopping style. A better experience means buying quality items that last forever, instead of trend pieces that are guaranteed to fall apart after a few uses. Luxury investments and slow fashion will not only change your online shopping experience, but also transform your wardrobe.

Original material: Courtesy of Mazen Abusrour for Christian Dior
Video collage edit: Produced by Halo Studio/Savoir Flair

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