Forget Everything You Think You Know About Attending Fashion Week

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And just like that, the dust has settled on what can only be described as a highly unusual Fashion Month – shows were cancelled, designer masks hit the runways, air kissing was replaced with excessive use of hand sanitizer, and news reports of attendees testing positive for coronavirus are starting to trickle in.

But even outside of the surreality of this situation, what is usually considered one of the most glamorous events on the global calendar is actually a mash-up of long hours, packed schedules, and sore feet – or “a juggling act” as Caroline Maguire, Fashion Director of Shopbop, describes it. Here, she shares her insights on attending fashion week with Savoir Flair.

Packing Light

“Organization and routine is key for me when it comes to packing for fashion week. I start by laying out all pieces on a rolling rack so that I’m able to style looks by day and see what I’m able to rewear. I then pack by day in packing cubes, which I absolutely swear by! They help me to eliminate excess items that don’t go with existing outfits, and also help when it comes to unpacking. I am currently using cubes from Calpak and love them.”

Styling Looks

“It’s important to me to support designers whose shows I’m attending, so I like to wear something from their latest collection that we carry on Shopbop. My pro tip is to stick to your go-tos and add on from there to make sure it’s both fashion-forward and functional for the weather.”


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Picking Shoes

“Being a New Yorker has definitely affected the way I dress, especially during fashion week. I’m all about sneakers, flats, and easy shoes – comfort is key! Given that shows can start as early as 9 a.m. and go until the evening, shoes I can walk in all day in are a must.”

Carrying Essentials

“My health is always a priority, especially when it comes to busier fashion months. With that said, you can always find antibacterial hand wipes and hand sanitizer in my bag. Between taking pictures of pieces I love on the runway, e-mailing my team, and keeping in touch with my husband and nanny, it’s essential to me to have a portable charger. Lastly, I always carry a pair of extra sunnies in my bag – they’re the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.”

Managing Time

“The most important thing I learned early on is to not overcommit. Chances are you can’t do it all, and there’s nothing worse than not delivering on a commitment. I value both my work and personal relationships, so I’m very selective on how I spend my time between shows, appointments, and industry networking.”

Finding Balance

“Fashion weeks are always a major juggling act for me, especially with two young children. I’m lucky to have such a strong support system, and have learned to lean on my husband and nanny when needed. There is nothing better than being at home with my children and husband to decompress after a hectic day. I always try to make it home in time to have dinner with my family and put my kids to bed. Depending on the day, I may head back out for dinner or a show. I try to be back home at a reasonable hour to catch up on e-mails prior to bed so I’m ready for the next day.”

Discovering Brands

“Our team is in market year-round, scouring the globe to find fashion’s latest need-to-know labels for our customers. Fashion weeks are not only an exciting time to see new collections, but also meet editors, content creators, and other friends in the industry who have become an amazing source for discovering the latest coveted labels as well.”

Spotting Trends

“We see trends manifest on runways, in presentations, through street style, and at market appointments. At Shopbop, we pride ourselves on finding the latest trends and delivering those to our customers. Over time, I’ve learned to have a trained eye for new silhouettes, colors, and shapes that our girl will love. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing how our customers style these trends season after season.”

Sticking to Skincare

“I’ve found that sticking to my daily skincare routine does wonders to how I feel overall. Running from show to show dramatically affects my skin, so I’m always sure to constantly hydrate. Most importantly, the many reunion cheek-kisses will need a good scrub at night!”

Staying Healthy

“Hydrate! I drink kombucha and take elderberry syrup and drops daily. This year especially, I’ve made sure to sanitize and wash my hands frequently. Staying healthy goes beyond just keeping your immunity boosted – you have to make sure you feel your best both physically and mentally, whatever that means for you.”

Taking 'Me Time'

“Between my family and shows, it does become challenging to find ‘me time’, but self-care is equally as important to make sure I’m operating at 100 percent. I make time to reset, whether it’s getting a workout class in, treating myself to a manicure, or laying in bed catching up on my favorite Netflix shows!”

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