Video Exclusive: Cartier’s ‘Paris Nouvelle Vague’ Short Films

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Cartier's 'Paris Nouvelle Vague' Short Films | Photo: Courtesy of Cartier

Cartier and the city of Paris… Which inspires which? Cartier’s Nouvelle Vague collection, an elaborate homage to the enchanting French capital and home of the renowned jewelry brand, captures varying facets of Paris and pairs them with seven traits of the modern Parisian woman for its latest jewelry line. Discover which Nouvelle Vague collection suits you best through the seven videos below.



The Mischievous

Set against the backdrop of a hazy, dreamy night in Paris, we behold a boat drifting down the Seine River. Beneath a golden street lamp beside the waterway, a young woman wearing a taupe cashmere sweater and a black beanie over her head shifts her eyes playfully, back and forth, from the eyes of a handsome stranger to her stunning l’espiègle ring.

The camera’s gaze moves to a small, black velvet box, teasing the viewer’s eyes, as we wait to understand the contents. However, at the moment of reveal, the woman’s spectacular 18-carat gold jewel comes into focus, replete with bold pairings of blue lapis lazuli, green chrysorase, and diamond cabochons set in moveable studs.

The l’espiègle collection, which pays homage to the whimsical Parisian sky as it sets in a haze of blue and green shades, dazzles with the same luster as a shower of confetti or a bouquet of balloons as they float into the evening dusk – evoking a moment of fun, fantasy, and fancy.

As the camera zooms out, we see only the shadow of the handsome stranger as he walks along the Parisian cobblestone streets, seemingly disappearing into the night. But first, he pauses, turning back for one final look at the young woman by the riverside.

Video Exclusive: Cartier’s ‘Paris Nouvelle Vague’ Short Films

La Petillante

The Sparkling

As an exquisite young woman taps her fingers against a table, the tiny bubble-shaped beads of her dramatic mpertinent ring shimmy with each tap. An ornate chandelier sways in the afternoon light, orchids droop delicately, and sheer white curtains hang from the open windows of the Parisian boudoir in which she cheerily flounces about.

The soft waves of her elegantly disheveled hair spin with her gleeful twirls as she dances in celebratory merriment. In bursts of happy-go-lucky movement, she jumps onto a chaise lounge, teasingly tosses a pair of shoes, and beckons the camera towards her. The beaded jewel that adorns her finger, with its pink gold and sapphires, looks as if it has been freshly plucked from a display of joyous fireworks exploding in the night sky, with the festive flashes of the bead’s frilled glitz harping back to the flapping burlesque dresses of the Moulin Rouge era.

The camera moves to the outside of the French gothic style building and we peer up and watch from afar as the young woman outstretches her arms, swinging open the glass windows and taking in a breath of fresh air. With a renewed sense of vigor, she cheerfully returns to her celebratory folly inside of the room.

Video Exclusive: Cartier’s ‘Paris Nouvelle Vague’ Short Films

La Delicate

The Delicate

The camera’s focus floats capriciously through a small café before landing on an elegant young woman writing beside an open window. Her head tilts, in what we can only understand as a kind of half-daydream-half-concentrated state. She leans in, grazing her fingers against the delicate, wafer-thin sheet of paper on which she writes.

As vulnerable in nature as the letter or poem being composed by this refined young lady is the single, intertwined 18-carat white gold ring with its gentle twist of gray and pink gold that adorns her finger. Paved entirely with diamonds, the ring sparkles with elegant, timeless nuance, and serves as a befitting exemplification of eternal Paris and the endlessly chic women that gracefully go about their daily musings within the French capital.

Our heroine begins to carefully fold the corners of the paper, her face replete with a satisfied, twinkling smile. And in a final charming gesture, she moves towards the open window, propelling her paper airplane into the sprawling sky.

Video Exclusive: Cartier’s ‘Paris Nouvelle Vague’ Short Films


The Emancipated

Her hands grip the steering wheel as she thunders through the night with an uncompromising conviction. In her slick jet-black car with red leather seats she forges forward, accelerating with a quick, effortless shift of gears as the flashing headlights illuminate her dramatic l’affranchi ring.

With the French capital reflecting in the car’s side mirror, we’re reminded of the iconic structures of art and contemplation that pepper the city of lights. Her ring, with its combination of rose gold, hematite, amethyst, opal, and quartz harmonized by its architectural, geometric lines, is aptly inspired by one such iconic structure: the Palais du Trocadero, a place where young Parisians go to sharpen their wit and thought. With this notion in mind, the affranchi ring pays homage to the astute, focused, and uncompromising nature of the Parisian woman as she drives forward in her intellectual journey.

Finally, our heroine parks the car, leaving the golden headlights of the automobile still on. With a forceful fling of her hand she shuts the driver’s seat door behind her, and we watch, as she moves forward in a head-to-toe black leather ensemble, undoubtedly destined for her next thought-provoking adventure.

Video Exclusive: Cartier’s ‘Paris Nouvelle Vague’ Short Films


The Impish

Watch as a graceful young woman relishes in the fresh Parisian air and frolics in the sunshine during an afternoon bike ride. With each push of her pedal she passes Paris’ most enchanting quarters, from quaint residential neighborhoods and roundabouts filled with fairytale fountains, to squares inhabited by magnificent, historic French statues.

With a bright smile, she traverses the streets, her hands adorned with a magnificent impertinente 18-carat floral ring of jet-black onyx and deep blue lapis lazuli. This playful blend of materials and colors, spiral of white diamonds, and scalloped gold exudes the same energetic mood as the iconic Jardin du Luxemburg, the inspiration behind the ring, a setting where the natural flowering of the jovial Parisian fantasy undoubtedly comes to life.

When she arrives to her destination, a charismatic corner inn, she smiles, before teasingly lifting her bike and passing it over to the bellman in a capricious, light-hearted gesture that honors her own playful nature.

Video Exclusive: Cartier’s ‘Paris Nouvelle Vague’ Short Films

La glamour


There she goes, dashing off to her next fête in a dramatic silk plum gown. From her luminous, buoyant locks, which spring with every step that she takes, to her impeccably polished scarlet nails, it is evident that Paris bows beneath her towering stilettos and that she breezes through the French capital with an endless reserve of opulence and grace.

Glamorous nights unfurl before her like the blossoming diamond petals on her remarkable ring. The 18-carat white gold diamond she wears, with its soft, wave-like design, evokes the swells of the Seine through its fatal curves, luscious lacquers, and brilliant shine. In the same mood as the ebb and flow of the voluptuous river, she’s fluid in her movements, and we imagine our leading lady swept up in an everlasting chain of private parties and black-tie events.

As she arrives to her chauffeured car, she pauses, tapping her fingers on the open backseat door. A moment of reflection is all it takes, and we watch as she slams the door shut, opting to – gasp – walk to her next exclusive fête. However, it is through her unapologetic sense of seduction and charm that we can’t help but want to follow her – whether it is on foot or by jet – wherever she leads.

Video Exclusive: Cartier’s ‘Paris Nouvelle Vague’ Short Films

La voluptueuse

The Voluptuous

A pair of sky-high lace-up stilettos narrows into focus. At first, we watch in anticipation as these shoes saunter across the damp, gleaming cobblestone streets, and are left wondering where these dashing shoes and their mysterious owner could possibly be heading.

In the next scene we observe a pair of bare feet ascending a set of ornamental stairs, before finally being introduced to our breathtaking heroine, who adorns a brilliant, glistening black evening gown that catches the night’s light with a vivid dazzle.

As the woman climbs the stairs, her hand moves slowly over the railing, and the <i>voluptuous</i> ring reveals itself; a breathtaking neoclassic dome composed of sophisticated enameling. The circles, broken lines, dainty freshwater pearls, and diamonds set into pink gold reflect the light with the same refined elegance of the baroque architecture of a Parisian opera house, the muse from which this collection’s design was conceptualized.

The film then jumps from the dark, brooding staircase to a feminine, daytime moment, in which our leading lady smiles, dressed in a peach silk blouse that floats gracefully as she moves.

Video Exclusive: Cartier’s ‘Paris Nouvelle Vague’ Short Films

Photo and Videos: Courtesy of Cartier

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