11 Things You Know Only If You Take Too Long to Get Ready

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While some people are blessed with the ability to get ready for an evening out in a matter of minutes, it’s more of a challenge for others. How do they go from sitting on the sofa to standing by the door with their keys in hand with no fuss, no faffing around, no singing along to Beyoncé while they do their hair?

It’s a mystery to those of us who spend hours preening and prepping – and one that we’re not interested in solving, to be honest. But while getting dolled up is whole lot of fun, it also has its downsides. Case in point: these 11 things that you know only if you take ages to get ready.


You’re (Very) Indecisive

What people don’t understand about the process of getting ready is that it doesn’t truly begin until you’ve decided what you’re going to wear. And picked the shoes and bag to style your look. And figured out how you’re going to do your hair and makeup. Getting to that stage requires trying on a lot of outfits, assessing them thoroughly in the mirror, and maybe even taking a few pics so you can survey the different options at leisure. You’re not one to make snap decisions – you don’t want to end up regretting your choice later – and indecision is pretty much your middle name.



Your Bedroom Is a Mess

All that trying on clothes and discarding them on the nearest available chair/bed/patch of floor means your bedroom is more like a walk-in wardrobe at this stage, albeit a very messy one. Your makeup bag appears to have exploded all over your dressing table and the bathroom is a state, too, but you don’t care because you won’t have to deal with it as soon as you’re ready. Out of sight, out of mind, right?


You Love Nothing More Than a Long, Hot Bath

… or shower. Bathing is a sacred part of the getting-ready ritual and it cannot be rushed. That means lighting a couple of candles and finding the perfect playlist to enjoy while you’re lathering up. Other people could get ready in the time you’ve spent in the bath, but that’s the way you like it.


You Suffer Your Fair Share of Getting-Ready Disasters

Half the fun of getting dolled up is trying new things – a different hairstyle, a new lipstick, that liquid eyeliner you just bought. Unfortunately, those attempts come with their own risks and you’ve definitely suffered some horrendous hair and makeup dramas in your time. They’re usually fixable, it just takes a bit of time, so you end up running late. Oops…


You’re Easily Distracted

From TV shows to phone calls from friends to social media, there are so many distractions around when you’re trying to get ready. Plus, sometimes, you just want to sit around eating chips and daydreaming, right? If only you could turn off the TV and put your phone on airplane mode – but you’re not about to do that, are you?


You Drive Your Friends and Family Nuts

“Are you still not ready yet?” You’ve heard that question about a million times, but does it make you want to hurry up? No way. In fact, being interrupted only slows you down. Why can’t people just learn to leave you alone?


You’re Always Late

It goes without saying that punctuality is not your strongest suit. You constantly underestimate how long it will take to get ready, meaning that you’re usually heading out the door when you were meant to arrive at the event.


You’re the Butt of Everybody’s Jokes

On the rare occasions you do manage to get to a gathering on time, your friends audibly gasp. “I could have read all seven Harry Potter books in the time it’s taken you to get ready,” your significant other exclaims. Well, you would have been a lot faster if they’d stopped asking when you were going to be ready…


It’s Never Your Fault

Of course, you can never admit the reason you’re late is because you were creating the perfect beachy waves with your new curling tongs. Instead, it’s always because your Uber was late or you bumped into an old friend or your heel broke. Okay, you have to tell a few lies, but you’re a genius at coming up with excuses so no one will ever know. Will they…?



You Always Look Amazing

One thing’s for sure: with all that time spent preening and prepping, you never look less than perfect. Outfit? On point. Makeup? Flawless. Hair? Gorgeous. Apart from the times when you’ve had one of those aforementioned getting-ready disasters, that is, but let’s not dwell on those.



You Enjoy It

No matter how much it annoys the people around you, all that pampering is time well-spent in your eyes. Nowadays, experts go on about the importance of self-care, so really, you’ve always been ahead of the curve. Well, that’s what you’re going to keep telling yourself…

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