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Blair Eadie classic style
Blair Eadie | Photo: Courtesy of @blaireadiebee

Anyone who’s ever done a last-minute dash to the mall to get an inexpensive dress for a party, worn it once, and then chucked it in the back of their wardrobe knows fast fashion is not good for the environment. A new survey by eco-friendly cleaning products brand Method reveals that some millennials are going through clothes at an increasingly rapid rate. A quarter of 16- to 24-year-olds are doing monthly wardrobe clear-outs, and a whopping 22 percent say they would only be pictured in a garment on social media one to three times before throwing it out. Alarming, right?

Now, leaders around the world have announced investigations into the impact fast fashion is having on the environment. Its devastating impact is clear, but what can be done? Some governments are asking high-street and fast-fashion brands to self-report their environmental records. However, a major change for the better can start with you, the consumer.

If you’re worried about the impact your shopping habits have on the world, a ‘slow fashion’ approach is the answer. This means purchasing higher quality garments that have major longevity. The math is basic, but logical. If you buy one outfit for AED 100 and wear it twice (investment total AED 50 per use), it’s more costly to have purchased it in the long run than buying a high-quality item for AED 2,000 and wearing it 100 times (investment total AED 20 per use).

Investment pieces may cost more in the short term, but by choosing better fabrics and classic designs that won’t go out of fashion at the end of the season, you’ll reduce the amount you buy and get a lot more wear out of your clothes. Ready to begin on your slow-fashion journey? Here are five eternally chic choices to get you started.


Trench Coat

Every few months, there’s a new “It” jacket that everyone is wearing, but if you want outerwear that you can rely on every single season, make it a classic trench coat – they never go out of style. Trusted brands like Burberry have your back, but this wardrobe staple can be found everywhere. Here are some long-lasting favorites to invest in for 2020. We are particularly fond of Nanushka’s vegan-leather versions.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley trench coat
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley | Photo: Courtesy of @rosiehw

White Button-Up

Stylish women the world over know the sartorial power of the perfect white shirt. ‘Perfect’ means pure white, slightly oversized, and tucked into trousers, jeans, or a pencil skirt. It’s also a key layering piece that brings instant polish to any outfit. These crisp styles rank high on the lists of fashion editors’ favorites everywhere.

Victoria Beckham monochrome white
Victoria Beckham | Photo: Courtesy of Getty Images

Tailored Trousers

Speaking of tailored trousers, they are a workwear must. Choose from a range of neutrals, and mix and match them with jackets, cardigans, blouses, and button-ups to maximize their mileage.

Dana Hourani tailored trousers
Dana Hourani | Photo: Courtesy of @danahourani

High Heels

Trendy sneakers and statement sandals may come and go, but high heels will always be en vogue. Both Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle know that, which is why they keep nude stilettos in constant rotation. For a splash of style, we swear by animal print, a trend that reliably cycles through fashion every few seasons.

Olivia Culpo white heels
Olivia Culpo | Photo: Courtesy of @oliviaculpo

Leather Handbag

Real leather bags are always a great investment because the tough fabric ages incredibly well – as long as you look after it and keep it dry.

Jill Wallace Bottega Pouch
Jill Wallace | Photo: Courtesy of @littleblackboots
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