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Josephine Skriver IWC Portofino Watch campaign
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What is it like to be chosen by a major luxury house to be its ambassador or star in one of its prestigious campaigns? More than a paycheck and the chance to be associated with the brand’s star power, you are becoming part of its family, its legacy. One wonders how thoroughly those tapped for such incredible opportunities really think about that.

Model Josephine Skriver is the new star of IWC Schaffhausen’s campaign for its stunning ‘Portofino Automatic 34’ watch collection, and we were fortunate enough to steal a few moments of her time for an exclusive interview. What emerged was a portrait of a profoundly thoughtful young woman whose considered responses reflected an inner life filled with deep contemplations and a healthy dose of self-awareness.

In this exclusive interview, below, she draws insightful comparisons between her own personality and the watches she now champions. Like the new IWC ‘Portofino Automatic 34’ watch collection – which is delicate in size and versatile by offering 13 different strap options – Skriver is not what you’d expect. As one of the world’s most prestigious watch brands, IWC has always made a point to partner with talented individuals who have more going on than meets the eye and, in making Skriver the face of this collection, the legendary watch brand found an ideal ambassador.

We couldn’t help but be sincerely impressed about her understanding of IWC and its products par excellence, and what it means to wear them. This is about far more than just buying a product and wearing it – it’s about investing in a piece of craftsmanship that has meaning. We fell in love with Josephine Skriver during this interview and we have a strong feeling you will, too.

Josephine Skriver IWC Portofino Watch campaign
Photo: Courtesy of IWC

Was the new ‘Portofino Automatic 34’ watch campaign the first time you’ve worked with IWC?
Not only was it my first time working with this amazing company, but also my first time in Portofino. We had such an amazing time, and Portofino really stole my heart as it’s such a timeless and romantic city. The colors, the people, the atmosphere – it was just a dream being there. Crazily enough, it seems like the watch shares a lot of the same traits. Isn’t it ironic that a watch can be so incredibly timeless?

The IWC family boasts some of the world’s most talented individuals, and the storied watchmaking house creates some of the world’s most impressive timepieces. What was it like being tapped to become a part of such a legendary brand?
I couldn’t believe it. I was like, “Are you kidding?” Getting the phone call and hearing that I had been handpicked to be one of its newest faces and an ambassador for such an iconic brand was a dream come true. IWC stands for so much. Quality, beauty, respect – everything that every girl dreams of representing. Being part of a brand as incredible as IWC still feels surreal. However, more than anything, I am just thankful for this opportunity.

Isn’t it ironic that a watch can be so incredibly timeless?

What connections did you notice between the region and the ‘Portofino Automatic 34’ when you were in Portofino shooting the campaign?
The timepiece embodies everything that Portofino is. It’s a legendary watch named after a legendary city. From the class to the romance to the timelessness – even the adjustable straps that come in so many different colors are all inspired by the many vibrant colors you can find in the city. 

What does the IWC brand mean to you?
IWC may mean different things to different people, but to me, more than anything, it stands for quality. Over the years, IWC has perfected watchmaking. As a hard-working woman, I want to wear something that represents who I am and I think that, in life, you have to be more than just beautiful. You have to have something underneath. Luckily, I can wear a watch that is stunningly beautiful, yet also packs so much strength and quality beneath it all.

How does being an IWC brand ambassador rank alongside your other significant career accomplishments?
Getting the chance to be the face of not just a watch company, but this watch company is huge. IWC is one of the most recognized names in the industry, and I could not be prouder or more honored! It’s a milestone I have long hoped to hit, so I’m incredibly excited and grateful for this opportunity.

Photo: Courtesy of IWC

What are some highlights you experienced while working on this campaign with IWC?
Honestly, I thought I already knew a lot about watches, but then it blew my mind to sit down between shots and hear about IWC’s backstory, all the intriguing aspects of watchmaking, and how much heart and soul is put into each individual piece. My respect for the brand grew tremendously. We had such a fun time, and I got to tour Portofino and really get to know the city as well because the timepieces and the city are connected. This company is such a big family and getting to know the wonderful people behind this wonderful product really made it special to me.

Time is a valuable commodity for a busy woman like yourself. How often do you carve out “me time” moments?
Finding time for yourself should always be one of your top priorities. It has taken me a few years to learn to put my well-being and happiness above most other things in my life. Happiness starts with you and being happy with yourself. With my career and busy schedule, it’s still a learning curve to regularly find time for myself. Some weeks, I have to buckle down and power through. Other weeks, I’m really good at prioritizing “me time” and taking the time to find inner peace and take a deep breath. It always feels great to get out and reconnect with yourself again. 

What are some ways you like to style your IWC timepieces? Are they go-with-anything watches or do you save them for special occasions?
I think that IWC watches are a little bit of everything – that’s the wonderful thing about these timepieces. You take the time to find your favorite watch family and, from there, you can choose between lots of different straps to fit your wardrobe and connect the watch with how you’re feeling. Life isn’t monotonous and one-dimensional, so why should your watch be? I think that’s my favorite part about this collection. It’s so versatile!

Life isn’t monotonous and one-dimensional, so why should your watch be?

When people hear the name Josephine Skriver, what do you hope they think of immediately? What do you want your name to be synonymous with?
That’s a difficult question. I guess if someone heard my name, I would just want them to think of someone who fights for what she believes in and uses her voice for people who don’t have one. I always want to use my platform for good – to inspire others, to raise awareness, to spread love and compassion. We don’t get much time here, so while we are, we should show compassion, empathy, and love as much as we possibly can. 

And last but not least – although this is unrelated to watches – we know you’re a huge Game of Thrones fan. What did you think of the ending?
Like most other people I know, I’m a huge fan. At first, I must admit, I had not guessed it would end like that at all. I felt like it was a bit rushed and the climax happened way too early on. I saw the ending happening differently. I saw Daenerys, Cersei, and Jamie leaving the story in different ways – but isn’t that the beauty of art and perspective? Shouldn’t the author and writers be able to end it however they want to?

It’s their story and their hearts, and we have chosen to come along for the ride. Although I didn’t agree with everything, I am really excited to read the book to see if it ends differently. I feel like there wasn’t enough time to dig deep into the characters – these characters were just far too deep for only eight seasons!

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