Who Wore What on the Met Gala 2019 Red Carpet

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The advice to anyone following Lady Gaga’s stupefying entrance to the Met Gala this year was simple, “Just go home.” Gaga, as the co-chair of 2019’s camp-themed extravaganza (and by camp we mean rule-defying displays of flamboyance, not, you know tents, marshmallows, and pinewood escapes), took the opportunity to display not one but four costume changes in as many minutes. Not only that, but she literally performed on the way into the gala all the way up its millennial pink-carpeted steps with a mini-show that incorporated elements of drag, burlesque, and cabaret. How apropos.

Fortunately, for lovers of all things glam, gilded, and over-the-top, the rest of the guests didn’t turn tail and head home after Lady Gaga’s shut-it-down performance. Instead, they showed up in hordes of candy-colored confections, glittering gowns, magnificent headpieces, princess looks complete with their own fairy godmothers, and more. Katy Perry showed up as an entire chandelier, Diane von Furstenberg arrived as the Statue of Liberty, and Cardi B upstaged almost everyone in a crimson Thom Browne with a sweeping train so huge that it needed its own entourage. There were capes, there were canes, there were masks, and fringe and brocade suits – it was an exhausting but thoroughly enjoyable romp through fashion’s fantasy side. The onslaught of excess lasted for hours, yet the celebrities, models, and other VIPs in attendance were having so much fun with their extravagant ensembles that we didn’t want it to ever end.