Bvlgari Reminds Us What Ramadan Is Really About

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With great power comes great responsibility.

As one of the world’s most influential luxury brands, Bvlgari could easily rest on its laurels, but that’s not the Bvlgari way. Instead, the storied house has made a commitment to the future of the world with an ongoing partnership whose mission is to “Give Hope”. For ten years, Bvlgari has worked with Save the Children, a fund that initially launched in the UK in 1919 and seeks to offer disadvantaged youth better education, access to quality healthcare, and emergency relief in the case of natural disasters.

In 2019, Bvlgari celebrates a decade of this valuable partnership with Save the Children, which inaugurated in 2009 to mark the house’s 125-year anniversary. What better way to prove your evolution and growth than with a journey that is committed to progress for future generations? An astonishing 1.5 million children have been helped and $90 million has been raised globally as a result. But how exactly does Bvlgari help save the children? By combining the savoir faire of its craftsmanship with philanthropic opportunities. Every year, a stunning piece of jewelry is created, with a portion of the proceeds going directly to Save the Children.

This year, it has released a beautiful custom-made silver and onyx pendant, alongside its Give Hope campaign, just in time for the Ramadan season. During the holy month, we are asked to remember the suffering of others, forgoing both earthly pleasures and necessities in order to commit to real sacrifice. It isn’t easy, but it is a sharp reminder that there are millions around the world who constantly exist in a vulnerable state, who need our help. The month culminates in an Eid celebration in which we show the people in our lives how much we value them by giving them gifts and pouring out our love in service to the relationships that mean the most to us. It is truly a season of compassion and giving in the best way possible.

For Ramadan 2019, Bvlgari has committed the goal of raising its total contributions from $90 million to $100 million in a single year. Standing with Bvlgari, we find a host of influential personalities like Egyptian actress Tara Emad, Lebanese-Iranian television host Diala Makki, and Tunisian model Rym Saidi contributing to the cause by participating in a moving Ramadan campaign. Shot by celebrity photographer Rankin, each inspiring figure shares a personal message of gratitude and invites others to join in by sharing their own stories. This campaign speaks to both unity and our global interconnectedness, while acknowledging the deep spiritual gravitas of Ramadan.

Discover their valuable insights, messages of thanks, and interesting insights in the exclusive video, above, in which Bvlgari and its ambassadors celebrate Ramadan and the important role it plays in reminding us that selflessness is always paramount to self-interest. Below, three of the campaign’s stars – Dorra ZarroukAseel Omran, and Aimée Sayah – share their stories about the people in their lives who have given them the hope and strength to pursue their dreams.

Dorra Zarrouk

Tunisian actress Dorra Zarrouk looks to a surprising – but completely inspiring – source of inspiration when it comes to making her dreams a reality.

Aseel Omran

Saudi Arabian singer Aseel Omran has mom and dad on her dream team, and their support means she was able to face down every challenge to achieve her goals in life.

Aimée Sayah

Lebanese actress Aimée Sayah lovingly credits her parents and her husband for helping her achieve the life she has always dreamed of.

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