One of Bella Hadid’s Favorite Jewelry Brands Has a Legacy Worth Knowing

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Photo: Courtesy of @BoghossianJewels

A jewelry brand with a love for its craft and a commitment to the highest quality of artisanship, Boghossian has created a name synonymous with luxury. Birthed from the Silk Road, its roots of connecting East and West continue to keep the brand in a league of its own through the masterful use of unique designs and exquisite execution – Boghossian often places precious stones at the forefront, resulting in a glimmer of mystery within each piece. And even though the label first came to life over a century ago – 1868 to be precise – its unwavering dedication to innovation hints at the notion that the brand is just getting started.

Boghossian originated from a small town in south-eastern Turkey, but the family has since set up shop in Geneva – though they never stray far from their Middle Eastern roots when it comes to design. Now, six generations strong, the jewelry brand has broken records and perfected numerous crafting techniques. But there’s so much more worth knowing about this one-of-a-kind jewelry house that is celebrated for constructing pieces so magnificent they appear to float. Here, we’re sharing five of our favorite facts.


Bella Hadid is no stranger to its jewels.

Bella Hadid was tapped to be the face of the brand in 2015 – and what a beautiful face, indeed! Modeling Boghossian’s high-jewelry pieces and the ‘Les Merveilles’ collection of matching rings, earrings, and statement necklaces, she felt like a natural fit. The particular collection employed a special technique to create the illusion of floating stones. With little to no metal visible in the designs, the glistening jewels played with the light and gently embellished the supermodel.

Photo: Courtesy of @BoghossianJewels

The house is six generations strong.

Few family legacies have a story as captivating as that of Boghossian. Originating from Turkey, they moved to Beirut in the early 20th century before moving to Antwerp, with Geneva serving as their current base. Though they’ve relocated a multitude of times, their Middle Eastern roots still shine brightly, as evidenced by the ‘Manuscript’ bracelet.

Photo: Courtesy of @BoghossianJewels

The 'Manuscript' bracelet sold for $4.5 million.

With a structure that flows like silk and precious stones laid together in perfect precision, the ‘Manuscript’ bracelet is a veritable treasure – so much so that it was auctioned off at Christie’s for a record-breaking $4.5 million in 2018. The creation, which took Creative Director Edmond Chin seven years to develop and 18 months to assemble, was inspired by a 15th century manuscript and utilized a number of rare-colored diamonds and pearls within its inlay.


It's a favorite among couturiers.

The label’s intricate work has also made appearances on the runway. For its Fall/Winter 2018 show, French fashion house Stéphane Rolland accessorized its lavish gowns with delicate crowns and diamond-adorned leather neckpieces by Boghossian, merging the avant-garde with the sublime.


It has mastered the "kissing" technique.

Besides perfecting the inlay technique, Boghossian jewelers have also mastered the “kissing” technique, a signature within many a Boghossian collection – especially the ‘Kissing’ line. Creating the alluring appearance of stones “kissing” through methodic layering, the brand harmoniously pairs unique combinations of precious gems, with this play on shape and light delivering spellbinding results.

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