How Dior Is Celebrating What Christian Dior Treasured Most

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Luck was seemingly always on the side of master couturier Christian Dior – perhaps it was his belief in it or Lady Luck herself guiding the superstitious designer to his destiny. Nevertheless, he always kept its forces close to his heart. Even growing up in Granville, a French seaside town docked by passing ships, proved lucky. That is where he first fell in love with flowers – the hawthorn, the mignonette, and of course the rose – and it is where he first saw the opportunity to travel, putting the world at his fingertips.

As it happens, luck is what directed him towards opening his eponymous fashion house – or so Dior believed. Inspired by a star on the ground that crossed his path, he knew it was a sign for him to follow his passion, one that would lead to all his wildest dreams coming true. That star and the rose became employed within Dior’s designs as he traveled around the world with his collections that, in modern day, have been reinterpreted by Victoire de Castellane for the new Dior Joaillerie collections. 

Photo: Courtesy of Dior

‘Rose des Vents’ and ‘La D de Dior Satine’ are now the amalgamation of all things luxury, quality and impeccable design as presented through dainty necklaces, symbolic rings and timeless watches. Echoing what the Artistic Director for Dior Joaillerie, Victoire saw as cornerstones of the house, she turned inspiration into tangible pieces of splendour. The eight-pointed star as a centerpiece – Dior’s lucky charm – guides its wearer in a sublime variety of golden hues surrounded by a constellation of diamonds, mother-of-pearl, turquoise lapis lazuli, malachite, onyx and pink opals.

Throughout both collection there’s never a shortage of symbolism in the dazzling accessories. From the Milanese mesh of the ‘La D de Dior watches’ inspired by fabric straight from the Maison’s Haute Couture Atelier to the pink opals in the ‘Rose des Vents’ medallions reminiscent of the designers favorite flower, everything is created with intention. Below, we bring you a deeper look into the wonders of each collection and a chance to peek at the pieces themselves.

'Rose des Vents'

Photographed by Nicole Maria Winkler for Dior

The lucky star that found its way into the designer’s pocket was Victoire’s guide for the collection – and is present throughout each piece. Twists in the gold rice grains circling the medallions are reminiscent of boat rigging, a nod to the ocean to evoke thoughts of travel, exploration, and the pursuit of one’s dreams. Meanwhile, vibrant jewel tones in pinks, greens, pastels, and blues illuminate the sparkling necklaces, splendid earrings, bold bracelets, and dreamy rings. ‘Rose des Vents’ doesn’t just complement the wearer – it gives them the bit of luck needed to take on the world.

'La D de Dior Satine'

Photographed by Charles Negre for Dior

“I dream of making women not just more beautiful, but happier as well.” Such was the sentiment of Monsieur Dior, who understood that fashion is deeper than luxurious fabrics and quality design – though there is no shortage of either within his work. ‘La D de Dior’ comes from Dior ateliers at La Chaux-de-Fonds, where Milanese mesh is woven from thousands of gold or steel threads into a sparkling metal ribbon for watches. Soft, supple, and adorned with a diamond setting on both the bezel and the crown, it’s a feminine accessory that stands the test of time.

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