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Your alarm goes off, you reach for your phone, and before you know it, you’re running behind because you just fell down the Instagram rabbit hole. It happens to the best of us, especially when we encounter a particularly good celebrity fan account – you know the kind that compels you to keep clicking through even when you’re crunched for time. While Instagram cracked down on some celebrity fan accounts with huge followings in the past two years, there are many that survived the sweep, and we’re here for them.

If you’re unfamiliar with celebrity fan accounts, they come in a multitude of forms – all of them reflective of the total devotion of celebrity aficionados. Some of our favorites are conceptual, taking celebrity photoshoots, editorials, and personal images and transforming them into creative posts with the aid of clever editing techniques. However, the ones that pose the biggest threat to our free time are fan accounts that synthesize every conceivable aspect of a celebrity’s life, from behind-the-scenes clips to forgotten filmography.

Below, you’ll find some of our tried-and-tested favorites, but we’ll slap a warning label on this crop of accounts and tell you in advance that they’re all seriously addictive.



While this account doesn’t have a massive following, it deserves to. Not only does it artistically interpret Bella Hadid’s red carpet, street style, and editorial looks in a beautiful way, but the user behind the account also posts helpful tutorials on how to stylize posts in a similar way. Hadid herself has given the account love on various occasions, by reposting some of its work.


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A post shared by Bella Hadid Fan Account ? (@bellaflies) on



We’ve written about this account before, but it bears mentioning again, especially in the context of cool royal fan accounts. #TheCrownWhisperer takes Queen Rania of Jordan’s most stylish looks and triples them, creating syncopation between the triptychs by tying them together with artistic flourishes.


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#QueenRania #TheCrownWhisperer

A post shared by Queen Rania Style (@queenraniastyle) on



We were crushed when Instagram shut down the wildly popular @Beyhive account (which had 1.2 million followers at its peak), but @rumiyonce has proven to be a decent contender in its wake. This fan account has a little bit of everything: Throwback posts, music video clips, live performances, candid moments, and more. If you “stan” Beyoncé, you won’t regret giving this account your attention.


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City of Hope 2018 ? #Beyoncé

A post shared by Beyoncé (@rumiyonce) on



Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen might be famously reclusive and elusive, but their fans have made finding them into something of an art form. Not only do they seem to know the twins’ whereabouts at all times, but they’ve also proven adept at finding out who’s in their inner circle and using that knowledge to extend their grasp of the Olsen universe. While there are a lot of obsessive Olsen fan accounts to choose from, we love @olsenoracle the most because the user seems to genuinely appreciate the twins without being too stalker-y.


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After reading @garage_magazine’s article (link in bio) there was one thing I wanted to say. I have such an admiration for Ashley and MK because I’m a lover of nostalgia (and also their authenticity). Do you remember what it was like to be a fan of someone before social media? You had so many questions about them, but never many answers. You took what you could get and lived with the beauty of fascination. You couldn’t imagine a world where a celebrity detailed their divorce or falling out with someone in a caption. Social media has created a world of fandom that didn’t exist even 15 years ago. Creating a huge gap between obsession and fascination. A library book, a physical copy of a newspaper, listening to the classics from the 40s and 50s, wishing my car had a CD player…am I a purist? Not exactly. Am I in my 20s? Yes. There are just certain things that warm my heart no matter what. Certain things I long for that’ll never return to this world of the digital age. My point being…MK isn’t on Instagram posting what she ate for dinner and Ash isn’t taking mirror selfies. But you know what? I love them even more because of that. That means they are living how they want to live. Authentically. They remind me that just because the world is rapidly changing every little thing, doesn’t mean they have to follow suit. People wonder how they remain so authentic but never stop to think about what inspires a person who isn’t constantly looking on social media apps. And now I’ll stop because I know I’m a hypocrite writing this sort of blubber on..a social media app. ? (2014) • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • #marykateandashley #marykateandashleyolsen #photography #olsentwins #TheRow #fashion #inspiration #love #elizabethandjames #style #authentic #natural #highfashion #ashleyolsen #marykateolsen #blonde #wcw #hairstyles #sister #fandom #ootd #beautiful #minimal #newyork #bestfriend

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This is one of the most thorough fan accounts you’re likely to find anywhere (and it’s one some of the other royals follow). Not only does it post candid shots of Meghan Markle, behind-the-scenes footage of her public appearances, and style breakdowns, but it also posts adorable fan art, and side-by-side comparisons to other historical royal moments. It is extensively researched and exhaustively attended to, so mega-fans of Markle will find a lot benefits to giving this account a follow.


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What did everyone think of Day 4? ? @sophieandlili

A post shared by Meghan Markle (@hrhofsussex) on



There are a lot, and we mean a lot of Kardashian-Jenner fan accounts on Instagram, with many devoted to individual family members. While you have plenty of options to choose from, we’re of the opinion that @dashuniverse is one of the best because it covers aspects of the entire family, from the central family and its offspring to extended members of the family. It also amalgamates behind-the-scenes clips, photoshoots, editorials, clips from the show, Fashion Week moments, and so much more.


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That purple coat tho?

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As one of fashion’s most fearless icons, and the beauty industry’s most beloved disruptor, Rihanna has inspired a surge of fiercely devoted fan accounts on Instagram. However, one of our stand-out favorites it @briittoatila which colorfully and artistically reinterprets some of RiRi’s most striking photoshoots. 


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A post shared by Navy Or Die (@briittoatila) on

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