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daria hourani boyfriend the brand
Photo: Courtesy of @BoyfriendTheBrand

From the beginning, the chemistry between Dana Hourani and Amine Jreissaty was instant. With a bond rooted in style, they quickly realized that there was something special there. The two friends – who would bounce creative ideas off each other and wax poetic about their similar tastes – knew it was only a matter of time for a collaborative venture to be born. Now their long-awaited vision is here, and it comes in the form of a capsule collection between the mega influencer and the stylist’s brand, Boyfriend.

‘Boyfriend x Dana Hourani’ is the modern and genderless collection that’s the stuff of minimalist dreams. Hourani’s style – full of deep, earthy tones and a daring use of leather – is a complementary fit to Jreissaty’s urban essentials, perfect for a fusion of aesthetics. Boyfriend is a modern take on fashion, and even Queen Rania is a fan. It’s applicable for men and women to play around with and interchange – after all, Jreissaty’s motto for the brand has always been: “Minimal. Subliminal. Gender Invisible.”

The capsule collection, which launched yesterday at 6:05 at depechemode concept store in Beirut, can be considered a match made in sympatico heaven for the duo who see each other as their sartorial counterpart. Now, in an exclusive with Savoir Flair, Hourani and Jreissaty took on the roles of interviewer and interviewee to delve deeper on their collaboration.

amine and dana boyfriend collab
Photo: Courtesy of @AmineJreissaty

Dana Hourani: When did you decide to create Boyfriend, and what made you want to move forward with it?
Amine Jreissaty: Well, I first decided to do this in my head a long time ago. You know when you have an idea in mind, but you keep it in order to mature it? That’s exactly what I did. I developed it in my mind and, when I felt ready, I just went for it.

DH: What do you take more into consideration: the identity of your brand or how the consumer will perceive it?
AJ: I always try to meet each halfway and adapt my identity to the consumer’s demand. It’s not just answering their needs that makes a brand work; it’s also the DNA of the brand that matters. Being able to make a wide variety of people identify with the brand, even if it’s not what they would go for initially, is important. I feel that it’s a mix of both.

DH: And what does designing versus styling mean to you at this point in your life?
AJ: When designing for a brand – whether it’s yours or anybody else’s – you should take a wider audience into consideration. When styling, you’re selling a dream in a photo that’s up for interpretation. Designing is not a dream to be sold, it’s an actual piece, so one should be very careful in how they’re designing and who they’re designing for. 

AJ: Dana, what does the brand mean to you, and why did you want to collaborate with us?
DH: I love the brand because of its identity and the message behind it. I especially love how classic it is, yet it can still create a look that’s stylish. I wanted to work with you because I knew that whatever came out, if done with Boyfriend’s DNA, it would be great – not to mention, I did it because I knew it would be fun!

AJ: Tell me, how do you see yourself in the pieces that we designed together, considering this is your first collaboration with a brand. Did it give you a new perspective on how a brand functions?
DH: I feel that the pieces are an exact representation of what I would’ve wanted to create with a brand for the first time. It was a completely different experience for me as I’m usually working with brands from a marketing perspective. I never really had to consider certain details, like having to cater to different audiences. This time, being behind the scenes with the brand was a bit more challenging – especially balancing between identities, image, and consumer perception.

DH: So, between styling and designing, which has a bigger place in your heart right now?
AJ: I can’t really answer that! It’s like asking which of your kids you prefer.

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