Quiz: Are You a Kate, a Kitty, or a Meghan?

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While plenty of young women grow up dreaming of one day becoming a princess – or at least a dame with a title – few actually turn those dreams into a reality. Yet with all of the modern-day pressure and intense media scrutiny focused on women like Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, or Lady Kitty Spencer (niece of Princess Diana), maybe growing up to be an actual royal is harder than it looks. Fortunately, they never seem to crack under the strain of living in the public eye and approach their fortuitous lives with grace, style, and a large measure of patience.

In fact, we’d venture so far as to say that they are much more the kind of role models we’d love young women to aspire to than a stereotypical Disney damsel in distress. We are often inspired by the lives, attitudes, and wardrobes of these three royal stars and, if you are too, you can see just how well you measure up to the high bar they’ve set by taking the (completely scientific) personality quiz below.

What's your go-to morning beverage?

Earl Grey tea
English breakfast tea

Which of these dresses sounds most appealing?

A boatneck dress with a fitted waist and flared skirt
A solid-colored sheath dress
An elegant dress featuring a bold floral pattern

Where would you like to vacation next?

Portofino, Italy
Mustique island
South Africa

What upscale event would you feel most comfortable at?

A children's charity gala
On the red carpet
Front row at Fashion Week

Who would you choose to design your wedding gown?

Dolce & Gabbana
Alexander McQueen

What's your dream side gig?

Event planning

What house would the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter put you in?


If you had to binge-watch one show, it would be...

Sex and the City
The Crown
Game of Thrones

What kind of guy is your "type"?

A studious, kind-hearted gentleman
An international playboy with his own yacht
A down-to-earth guy with a great sense of humor

What's your favorite dog breed?

Cocker Spaniel


Congratulations! You got Kate Middleton. You are a little on the quiet side, but fiercely protective of those you love. You prefer working behind the scenes as opposed to in the limelight, and are passionate about helping others. You are sophisticated, intelligent, genteel, and well-mannered – and parents love you. As far as personal style goes, you prefer classics, but aren’t afraid to mix high street and high fashion.


Congratulations! You got Meghan Markle. Your good looks and confident nature assure that you were meant for the spotlight. You are tough, outspoken on issues you care about, and a humanitarian at heart. You have a good sense of humor, an easy laugh, and a quick wit. As far as personal style goes, you’re always on-trend and, when the occasion calls, you’ll bend the dress code to suit your tastes.


Congratulations! You got Lady Kitty Spencer. You are well-connected, wealthy, and one to travel in elite circles. You’re also beautiful enough to work as a model, and fashion designers love to dress you. You love shopping, traveling, collecting art, and trying new cuisines. Like your aunt Princess Diana, you also have a heart for helping others and believe strongly in equality and equal opportunities for women.

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