Meet the Jewelry Designer Who Rihanna, Gigi, and JLaw Are Obsessed With

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Jacquie Aiche
Photo: Courtesy of Jacquie Aiche

She’s been designing stunning, bohemian jewelry for over a decade, she’s amassed an enormous cult following, and she’s Rihanna’s personal go-to jewelry designer. We’re talking, of course, about the fabulous Jacquie Aiche, whose unique and incredible pieces are the ultimate collector’s item for any fashion-savvy woman.

Stop by her showroom in Beverly Hills on any given day and you might run into Gigi Hadid, Alessandra Ambrosio, or Emily Ratajkowski selecting a statement-making necklace or ring to wear to their next big event. Or, if you’re really lucky, you may even see Aiche herself and get to strike up a conversation with this warm individual who radiates good vibes and California sunshine. You’ll end up wanting to be BFFs with her just as much as you’ll want – no, crave – every stunning piece of jewelry she’s ever made. Yes, her collections are that good.

In the exclusive interview below, Savoir Flair sat down with the beloved designer to discuss her remarkable journey, her spiritual outlook, and what the future holds for her (hint: she may be branching into other areas of design).

Jacquie Aiche jewelry
Photo: Courtesy of Jacquie Aiche

First of all, congratulations on a decade of building a thriving, highly sought-after jewelry business with a cult following. What were you doing before you launched your eponymous brand in 2008?
Thank you! I was working in a boutique and never could find jewelry that spoke to me. I wanted to create designs that made women feel feminine, playful, and strong. I started making pieces and selling them anonymously. But when I saw the way women responded when they put them on, I knew that this is what I was meant to do.

You have a unique heritage as an Egyptian/Native American. Does your background inform your designs?
I’ve always been so inspired by my Middle Eastern heritage. The bold color choices, hammered gold, and goddess imagery of the culture will always influence my designs. They’re beautiful themes to play with, but it’s so much more than that. I feel a very special connection to it – it’s all a part of me. My Native American heritage pulls me towards turquoise, fossils, and precious gemstones, while my Egyptian roots influence the use of Middle Eastern nuances such as hammered gold, goddess imagery, and amulet pieces.

How would you describe the Jacquie Aiche aesthetic?
Feminine, sensual, and free-spirited. I love designing diamond and gemstone adornments that illuminate natural beauty. Pieces that give you the aura of a goddess and the confidence of a rebel.

When did you first arrive on Rihanna’s radar? What has it been like having her support?
Rihanna has always been a huge inspiration to me. Her energy speaks to me – she’s a beautiful person inside and out. I feel so fortunate to have her in my tribe. Seeing powerful and inspiring women wearing my designs is a dream come true.

What are your favorite stones to work with? Do you feel as if they possess special energies?
My crystal cravings are always changing. Right now, I’m loving opals and turquoise. The reflective, galactic vibe of opals and the dreamy blues of turquoise make them the perfect stones to wear under the sun. It’s like being adorned with the beauty of the ocean.

I truly believe in the power of amulets. I personally have my jewelry essentials that I wear every day, like my body chains, finger bracelets, and delicate diamond layers. I pair those daily with the stones my body needs. This is what has made me want to create pieces for those who adore to be adorned, lovers of precious stones, believers in the energy of minerals.

What’s your support system like? Who is on the Jacquie Aiche team?
My tribe and my girls here at the bungalow are my second family. And when I come home to my children and my husband, I find so much joy and love. Both spaces are balanced and home to me.

What are some of the proudest moments of your career so far?
I feel so blessed to be on this incredible journey. There are many moments that have brought me so much gratitude. The ones that stick out the most are seeing my jewelry come to life on powerful women. It’s all about the tribe.

Who is the Jacquie Aiche woman?
She’s a free spirit with a hint of rebel.  A goddess that gravitates away from the conventional, layered head-to-toe in diamond and gemstone adornments.

Where did you learn your craft?
I’ve always been drawn to crystals and the powerful healing properties each one carries. Over ten years ago, I began teaching myself wire-wrapping so that I could give my friends and family this power in a personal and beautiful adornment. I fell in love with the process and continued learning as much as I could. Passion is the ultimate teacher.

What’s on the horizon for the Jacquie Aiche brand? Have you given thought to branching into other types of design?
I feel like this year is all about color for me. I’ve really been enjoying mixing more color into my designs and will definitely be incorporating that into my upcoming collections. Often, when people come into the showroom, they say I want this or that in my home, so I started to explore and have since created bespoke decorative lifestyle pieces for my clients.

From creating jewelry in your garage to having your pieces on the bodies of so many “It” girls and celebrities, this past decade has been immensely successful for you. Has your journey had many ups and downs?
Of course, there are ups and downs to everything, but I surround myself with people who make the biggest challenges feel small and easy to face. When you have strong women in your life who support you and your journey, you can accomplish anything.

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