Why Arab Jewelry Designers Are the Only Way to Go

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Bil Arabi flat lay
Photo: Courtesy of @BilArabi

Call it pride in our homegrown heroes, but we’re thoroughly convinced that some of the best jewelry designers in the world hail straight from the Middle East. With Lebanon as a hotbed of local talent and the rise of emerging labels from Dubai and other areas of the region, Arab jewelry designers are topping our favorites list. From the ultra-complex and thoughtful work of Lebanese designer Gaelle Khouri and the minimalist excellence of Omani brand HAK the Label to Donna Hourani’s major “It” factor accessories, these are the nine jewelry designers and brands we currently have our eye on.


Noor Fares

Noor Fares is a Lebanese jewelry designer who creates jewelry “with a soul” by relying on stones that offer ancient symbolism. Since childhood, Fares has believed that stones contain magical powers, and her work reflects that in their intricate, talismanic designs.

You can shop Noor Fares here.


Donna Hourani

The local “It” jewelry label of the moment – worn frequently by influencers like Karen Wazen, Lana El Sahely, and the designer’s sister Dana Hourani – needs to be on your radar, like, yesterday. Since Donna Hourani launched her eponymous label two years ago, she’s received a lot of her attention due to her sleek, minimalist designs. Lately, we’ve noticed she’s been adding more color into her work, which has only worked to increase the desirability of her gorgeous pieces.

You can shop Donna Hourani here.


Lana Al Kamal

Lana Al Kamal is a Dubai-based jewelry designer who recently launched her debut collection, ‘Leaves of Joy’, which featured 13 gilded mix-and-match pieces. She also launched a gorgeous Ramadan collection, centered on delicate moon and star jewelry. We’re excited to see more from this regional jewelry design newcomer – she’s definitely one to watch.

You can shop Lana Al Kamal here.


HAK the Label

HAK the Label is a brand new brand by Omani jewelry designer, Hakima Al Said. Al Said’s international upbringing and Arab heritage have come to inform her minimalist designs, which infuse geometric shapes with modern elements.

You can shop HAK the Label here.


Shamsa Alabbar

Emirati designer, Shamsa Alabbar, turned her background in graphic design and her love of Middle East culture into a thriving jewelry brand, preferred by the contemporary Arab woman for its strong luxury aesthetic and Arabic calligraphy references. Typography and art collide in her eponymous range of gold and silver jewelry, which features her signature graphic lines and minimal lettering designs.

You can shop Shamsa Alabbar here.


Mukhi Sisters

The Indian-Lebanese sister trio, Maya, Meena, and Zeenat Mukhi, have jewelry design in their DNA. With a lineage of jewelry designers  in their family, the Mukhi Sisters combine tradition with complex, lavish settings. Their range includes high-quality fine jewelry pieces and more affordable, fun products like evil eye bracelets and cocktail rings as well.

You can shop Mukhi Sisters here.



Ruwaya, derived from an Arabic word with two special meanings – “to quench a thirst” and “storytelling” – is a jewelry line that speaks to the rich heritage of Arabic lore. Fatima Al Dhaheri spent her childhood working with her father and his fine jewelry brand, Amwaj, before she started creating her own one-off pieces.

After studying at the Gemological Institute of America, Al Dhaheri earned a reputation as a gifted jewelry designer with the launch of Ruwaya, which features precious stones in fine 18k gold settings.

You can enquire about Ruwaya’s fine jewelry products here.


Bil Arabi

Bil Arabi, launched by Lebanese artist Nadine Kanso in her adopted home of Dubai, is one of the region’s most sought-after jewelry brands. Featuring Arabic scripts and abstract, modern designs, Bil Arabi was initially inspired by the Arabic alphabet. However, Kanso is keen on evolving her brand, so her most recent collection has changed to include Arabic geometric motifs as well.

You can shop Bil Arabi here.


Gaelle Khouri

Lebanese jeweler, Gaelle Khouri won us over in an instant with some of the most elaborate and stunning designs we’ve ever seen. With each collection based in philosophical thought, her collections have symbolic significance that goes well beyond surface appearances. We’re obsessed with her thoughtful designs, like these interlocking loop pieces from her ‘The Next Perspective’ collection.

Gaelle Khouri’s collection will be available on Net-a-Porter in July.


Nuun Jewels

Her Royal Highness Nourah Al Faisal is the pioneering and inspiring Saudi Arabian jewelry designer behind the stop-you-in-your-tracks brand, Nuun Jewels. With a cadre of A-list clients and a boutique on the famed shopping avenue Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris, Nuun Jewels makes a strong case for the preeminence of Arab fine-jewelry designs.

Shop Nuun Jewels here.

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