#WCW: TV Host, Cookbook Author, and Social Media Star Chrissy Teigen

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Sometimes we’re inclined to think that celebrity social media exists to make us feel bad about ourselves. With a dearth of real talk, and thousands of perfectly poised and curated FOMO-inducing photos, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have made celebrities seem even more unapproachable than they already were. Enter: Chrissy Teigen.

As the co-host of Lip Sync Battle on Paramount Network, a two-time cookbook author, an accomplished home chef, mother, and former swimsuit model married to the legendary John Legend, Teigen’s life looks incredible from the outside. And yet, instead of keeping fans from seeing the real her, she grants them unfettered and unfiltered access to her life. Her air of authenticity sets her apart in a landscape of proverbial wax figures, and so does her incredible, sharp sense of humor and fiery affinity for justice. If we had to pick any celebrity to be BFFs with, Teigen tops the list.

Born in Delta, Utah (population 3,329) on November 30, 1985 to a father of Norwegian descent and a Thai mother, Teigen’s mixed heritage contributed to the looks that would one day land her on the cover of Sports Illustrated. From a small town in Utah to Huntington Beach, CA in her teens, Teigen was used to moving around with her family. However, it was in Huntington Beach that her life would take a dramatic turn. While working in a surf shop at the age of 18, she was scouted by a photographer, but Teigen was initially wary so she brought her father along to her first shoot. It turns out, Teigen was fated for the limelight.

After building her portfolio, she signed to IGN Babe in 2004, and started working as a professional model. Teigen’s early work included a stint on Deal or No Deal  as a briefcase girl (similar to one of our previously named #WCWs, Meghan Markle), campaigns for Olay, Ugg, and Billabong, hosting for E! News, and hosting a VH1 reality competition called Model Employee. In 2010, Teigen caught a big break when she was named “Rookie of the Year” in Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue, eventually landing on the cover in 2014 for the magazine’s 50th anniversary.

Chrisys Teigen Sports Illustrated
Photo: Courtesy of Sports Illustrated

Rewind a few years to when Teigen met her now-husband John Legend on the set for the music video for his hit single, Stereo, and you’ll find an adorable meet-cute. As Teigen recalls, she walked past his dressing room to discover the soulful singer ironing his own clothes. In an interview, she recalls, “I said, ‘You do your own ironing!?’ He said, ‘Of course I do.’ I gave him a hug.” The rest is history. Eventually, the two would come to wed in Italy on Lake Como in 2013. Baby Luna followed soon after, and her younger brother Miles arrived on the planet on May 17, 2018 — a few weeks before his due date.

guess we’re really doing this kid thing!

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Motherhood is one of Teigen’s most relatable qualities, as she often takes to Twitter and Instagram to share real talk about the difficulties of her pregnancies, her fear of post-partum, and hilarious and tender videos of her kids. While by all human parameters, Teigen enjoys the good life as a result of her and her husband’s thriving careers, she is also honest about the downsides of both fame and parenting. Her voice has become crucial in Hollywood because of her refusal to sugarcoat her views or fake her existence. Even her cookbooks are relatable because they are filled with recipes that she and Legend actually make for each other and their family, not versions created by a professional chef and then sold to unsuspecting fans as deriving from the celebrity’s own recipe catalogue.

Twitter is where she shares many of her honest experiences, but it is also where she serves up hilarious, self-deprecating wit, hot political takes, and flawless rejoinders to the trolls that seem intent on bringing her down. From getting blocked by President Trump to subtweeting the heck out of ignorant blabber mouths like Piers Morgan, Teigen’s Twitter account is one of the main reasons we haven’t given up on social media.

And if her hilarious social media presence, her honesty, and her cooking skills aren’t enough to make you smitten, Teigen also has an incredible sense of style. With legs for days, a gorgeous head of thick wavy hair, and an apple-cheeked grin at the ready, she could wear a cloth sack and still look incredible. Fortunately, she opts for more fashionable ensembles than that, with a penchant for side-slit gowns that reveal those incredible legs, beautifully embellished surfaces, and form-fitting silhouettes. In honoring Teigen as Savoir Flair’s June 2018 #WCW, we would be remiss if we didn’t also look back on some of her best red-carpet moments.

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