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Julie Houts illustration
Photo: Courtesy of @JooleeLoren

Fashion is huge. Fashion is sprawling. Fashion is history, economics, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, and art. Fashion is a lot of things, and if you consider yourself a fashion addict, chances are you know that it extends well beyond clothes. Furthermore, fashion addicts already follow all of the relevant brand, retail, designer, influencer, magazine, and model accounts, so they don’t need to be told about the big, obvious stuff. They’re always on the hunt for the new, the extraordinary, the thing that no one else knows about yet.

These titillating moments of discovery are what they live for, but social media is so saturated that it can be difficult to sift through the noise and debris to find the really good stuff. Instagram is a fantastic resource for the sartorially enthused, especially when it comes to accounts that are approaching the topic in new and interesting ways. From some of the most fascinating archive accounts to the duo who is shaking up the industry with their critiques, these are the ten accounts that all fashion addicts should follow circa now.


Fashion Illustration


Julie Houts is the illustrator behind the brilliant and colorful @Jooleeloren account, which blends a classic style of fashion illustration with memes and hilarious commentary.


Fashion Historian


One of Instagram’s most knowledgeable fashion historians, Timothy Long brings his special brand of expertise to a new generation, showcasing historical garments and their construction with fascinating and informative posts.


Fashion Knock-Offs


@Diet_Prada is the Instagram account causing a huge commotion in the fashion industry. Where problems of knocking off the work of fellow designers have existed from time immemorial, Tony Liu and Lindsey Schuyler have made it their business to call it out whenever they see it. Even designers who regularly copy the designs of others, like Demna Gvasalia of Balenciaga and Vetements, recognize the value of their thorough work.


Fashion Magazine Archives


For those whose first foray into fashion was via the world of glossy mags, this aggregate account posts amazing images from one of the biggest fashion magazine collections ever.


Modern Fashion Archives


@OneofaKind.Archive is the Instagram account for Portobello Road’s longstanding fashion archive, known to the public as “Aladdin’s Cave”. With over 5,000 archival garments onsite, this legendary archive has contributed massively to the fashion industry, from lending pieces to museums and films to inspiring designs on the runway.


Mid-Century Fashion Archives


This account reaches further back, exploring mid-century modern designs from the 1930s to the 1970s.


Historical Fashion Archives


If you’re obsessed with historical fashion, this account pulls influence from medieval fashion all the way to the Victorian era, with carefully documented origin descriptions.


‘90s Fashion Photography


From relatively unknown fashion images to more iconic moments from the ‘90s, this account is a thoroughly researched dive into fashion photography from everyone’s favorite decade.


Fashion Diversity


While there are plenty of Instagram accounts reviving fashion archives from different eras, there is only one that is documenting intersectional fashion.

Zeudi Araya (1973) ✨

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Fashion Humor


The fashion realm tends to take itself too seriously. This account skewers fashion icons, designers, brands, and celebrities with hilarious mash-ups and collages.


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