The 2017 Trends That Should Never Have Been a Thing

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Romphim male romper trend
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Just because something is a trend doesn’t mean it’s a good thing. In fact, 2017 is proof that the more popular something is, the more likely it is to be a banal gimmick. Take fidget spinners, for example: What are they, even, and why were almost all of us duped into buying one? With social media connecting our shopping habits and behaviors more than ever, it’s easy for things to catch on like wildfire and then fizzle out just as fast. These are – in our humble opinion – the worst trends of 2017 that maybe shouldn’t have ever been a “thing” in the first place.


Rompers for Men

Plainly spoken, this one sounds like a straight-up joke, but it’s not. ‘RompHims’, or rompers for men, are a real trend that emerged in 2017. While there are plenty of macho guys who rejected the look, plenty of others embraced it. From a meme to a business opportunity, legitimized the trend. The site stocks a huge variety of pop culture-themed rompers for dudes, which come to think of it, might actually make the perfect gag gift.


Fidget Spinners

Once upon a time, fidget spinners weren’t a thing, and then suddenly, out of nowhere, they were everywhere. It started out with the promise that the weighted toy, which spins on its axis with a smooth, almost imperceptible whirrrr, would relieve anxiety and psychological distress in kids suffering from ADHD and autism. As lofty and potentially miraculous as the claims were, it turns out there is no scientific evidence to back them, rendering them little more than a flash-in-the-pan fad.

Kendall Jenner fidget spinner
Photo: Courtesy of Splash News

Clear Shoes

While the Kardashian-Jenner clan has been rocking clear plastic shoes since Yeezy first introduced them to its collection, we’re now seeing them all over the runways for the Spring/Summer 2018 season. Unfortunately, plastic shoes are an all-around terrible idea, and we’re not just talking aesthetically. Imagine walking around in unbreathable, suffocating, stiff material for a day – we’re talking about an unpleasant footwear experience of the highest order. Your feet deserve better.

clear plastic heels
Photo: Courtesy of AliExpress

Unicorn/Mermaid Everything

For two things that aren’t even real, mermaids and unicorns sure seem to influence a lot of trends. From hair and nails in the beauty realm to toast and shakes in the food world, 2017 was saturated with all things mermaid/unicorn. In fact, the terms were used as a catch-all for anything colorful, especially things of the pastel variety. It’s not the most offensive trend, but it did get really played out.

Mermaid unicorn toast
Photo: Courtesy of @ToneItUp

Extreme Face Masks

Instagram has brought to light a significant number of beauty trends, for better or worse. We’ve covered plenty of them over the past year, but somehow this one slipped through the cracks, until now. Black charcoal masks are the kind of eyebrow-raising beauty trend that make us wonder exactly what their creators were thinking, especially considering how intensely and severely they adhere to the skin. In fact, they’re supposed to hurt really badly when they come off, as they are essentially peeling all manner of dead skin from your face. Dermatologists have come out strongly against this product, advising that hurting your dermis is not remotely necessary for a deep facial clean.

Irina Tee black charcoal mask experiment
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