Over 50 and Oh-So-Fabulous – Meet Our New Style Icons

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Photo: Courtesy of @YazemeenahRossi

When considering the most stylish women you know, how many of them are over 40? 30 even? It’s a sad but true reality that style and beauty are so often correlated with age. But when women who are in the latter part of their lives are typically the most secure, experienced, and established, why should age matter?

No woman should be deemed as out of the fashion loop just because she has blown out 50 – or more – candles on her birthday cake. In fact, we’ve noticed that it’s becoming increasingly more popular for women as old as 80 to share their fashion advice and style diaries on social media – and why the heck not? Here, Savoir Flair rounds up eight women who are our style muses and just happen to be over 50. Who will be yours?

Sarah Jane Adams

At 62, Sarah Jane Adams boasts a whopping 157,000 Instagram followers. Since uploading her first post in 2014, her fans flocked in the thousands, all looking for a daily dose of bohemian fashion, jewelry, and travels around the world. The jewelry designer resides in Sydney but regularly spends time sourcing materials in India.

Alyson Walsh

Alyson Walsh is no stranger to the fashion business, earning her living as both a magazine fashion editor and style author. She started her blog That’s Not My Age back in 2008 in a bid to celebrate women (and men) of all ages. Today, she writes anecdotes, style tips, and records of her personal wardrobe choices.

Iris Apfel

Wikipedia refers to Iris Apfel as an “American businesswoman, interior designer, and fashion icon” – but man, she is so much more than that. The 96-year-old is one of the most colorful characters of our time, one who refuses to conform in every single way. Apfel started her career at Women’s Wear Daily, but today, she’s a muse for many designers and has even modeled in campaigns for Céline, MAC, and Aigner.

Linda Fargo

Known for her Fashion Director title at luxury American department store Bergdorf Goodman, Linda Fargo is about as stylish as they come. She featured in the 2013 documentary Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s during which she showcased her work, rejecting or accepting designers’ collections to the store. The best thing about Fargo’s style is that she doesn’t have a signature look – she wears what she loves, and that’s the most important thing.

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Patti Gibbons

If you’re looking for a fashion icon with a sense of humor, you’ve found it in Patti Gibbons. Her blog is called Not Dead Yet Stylewhich perfectly demonstrates how turning 50 doesn’t mean you’ve lost your fashion sense or ability to laugh at life.

Dorie Jacobson

Senior Style Bible is a blog that follows the daily style diary of former Playboy bunny Dorie Jacobson – and she’s 83! Living in larger-than-life Las Vegas, she believes that fashion is about an ageless attitude and we should all “celebrate the unmistakable allure of the mature woman”. Dorie, you’re our hero.

Yazemeenah Rossi

You may recognise 61-year-old Yazemeenah Rossi from catwalks and campaign billboards as the French-American is best known for her modeling work in fashion and beauty campaigns. Rossi is an advocate for ageless beauty, refusing to dye her gorgeous white locks or succumbing to the pressures of looking younger – and her personal style follows suit.

Anna Dello Russo

A list of this sort wouldn’t be complete without the label-loving Italian journalist Anna Dello Russo. At 55, she is part of the Fashion Week furniture, possibly topping the list as one of the most photographed street-style icons ever. Russo’s personal preferences are pretty out there, and she follows zero rules when it comes to age and style. Minidresses, cut-outs, and multicolored feathers are all game.

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