10 Style Rules Every Pregnant Woman Should Know

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So a little person is calling your body its home, and everything you knew about getting dressed is changing faster than this week’s choice of fruit on your pregnancy app home screen. And because the average pregnancy lasts anywhere between 38 and 42 weeks (yikes), you’re likely to encounter holiday festivities, birthday parties, and holiday get-togethers during this time – all of which require careful outfit consideration.

And while it isn’t as easy to chuck on your go-to jeans or your favorite dress in the morning, there are ways to tackle maternity dressing without losing your personal style (and will to live). So while you’re mulling over exactly how your growing baby looks like a lettuce in week 27, Savoir Flair rounds up the top ten tips to consider when getting dressed.


Join the Blazing Squad

For days when you want to feel put-together but your brain is feeling otherwise, a tailored blazer can take your favorite jeans and T-shirt from “I just rolled out of bed” to “I mean business”. Tip: Wear the jacket open for maximum comfort or opt for an oversized cut.

@PandoraSykes Pregnancy Style
Photo: Courtesy of @PandoraSykes

Slip into Something More Comfortable

The simple slipdress is a great go-to for when you need to dress up. It’s lightweight, loose, and long, plus a sumptuous fabric like satin or velvet will give a luxury feel to your look. For daytime, this dress works layered over a white T-shirt or under a super chunky cardigan.

@MonicaRoseStyle Pregnancy Style
Photo: Courtesy of @MonicaRoseStyle

Oversized over Everything

Ever heard the phrase “borrowed from the boys” when it comes to styling? That’s your new mantra. Oversized shirting, cashmere sweaters, and quality T-shirts are a great way to avoid buying maternity wear because you’ll always love their loose fits for lazy days – long after you’ve had the baby.

@NickyHilon Pregnancy style
Photo: Courtesy of @NickyHilton

Think Above the Belt

An amazing way to give your outfits some shape – especially in your third trimester – is by choosing an empire line dress or top. This will give your body definition from under your bust and allow fabric to drape loosely over your bump. Wrap dresses work too – just tie them a little higher up and be sure to choose a length that accommodates your growing belly.

@MsTreinta Pregnancy Style
Photo: Courtesy of Finery

Brave the Bodycon

You may have sworn off cling back in 2009 with the rest of modern society, but that was before you were housing a little person. Ribbed knit, jersey, and viscose are your new BFFs because they work around you – not the other way around. And if it feels too exposed for you, layer with that trusty blazer.

Pandora Sykes Man Repeller Pregnant Style
Photo: Courtesy of Man Repeller

(Undone) Coats Are Your New Statement Piece

You may not want to spend your hard-earned cash on stretchy jeans or dungarees that you won’t be wearing in nine months time, but a new coat is in the go, go, go zone! Adding printed outerwear to a simple outfit is a great way to make a statement and, by wearing it undone, you won’t feel lost under a mound of thick fabric.

@ManRepller Pregnancy Style
Photo: Courtesy of @ManRepeller

Pick Your Print

Getting dressed when pregnant doesn’t have to mean losing all sense of your personal style. If you’re the type who loves color and print, roll with it! All-over prints are a really nice option if you want to add some punch to a super simple silhouette, especially when worn with sneakers.

@FreddieHarrel Pregnancy Style
Photo: Courtesy of @FreddieHarrel

Become a Layer Player

If you’re in the second trimester and going through the “Is she pregnant or did she just have a big meal?” phase, working with your new proportions creates definition. Try wearing skirts or loose-fitting trousers higher than usual, and balance out the silhouette with fun details on your top half, like ruffles or an interesting neckline.

@JessicaAlba Pregnancy Style
Photo: Courtesy of @JessicaAlba

Shift Your Go-To Silhouette

If you’ve been blessed with a small frame whilst pregnant, then a shift dress is your eveningwear savior. It skims your bump nicely, and the mini length remains sexy without feeling too exposed.

@BehatiPrinsloo Pregnancy Style
Photo: Courtesy of @BehatiPrinsloo

Be Comfortable

Leggings, hoodies, and your husband’s T-shirts are now wardrobe staples. Give yourself a break – you’re growing a human, after all.

@MiraDuma PRegnancy Style 2
Photo: Courtesy of @MiraDuma
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