What Lies Ahead: A Visual Story of Fashion in 2019

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Fashion is a hungry animal that digests the “now” in the blink of an eye and then continues to roam on, looking for the next best thing. Fortunately, because data is now more readily available to analyst groups and brands, trend forecasters are able to predict further into fashion’s future than ever before. In this thought-provoking visual story, Savoir Flair reveals some of the fashion, beauty, art, and commerce trends that are emerging for 2019 and beyond.

Global Citizen

The ‘Global Citizen’ trend addresses modern concerns about the future, especially since political attempts at de-globalization – even as the world is more connected than ever – have caused widespread social unrest. As global citizens, we take ownership of ourselves and our decisions back into our own hands, recognizing that the powers that be serve other interests (the almighty dollar), while simultaneously recognizing that purchasing power can be used for good. Fear and tendencies toward protectionism will likely turn consumers towards more domestic interests that value traditional techniques and locally sourced materials over mass production.

Indie commerce – whose independent nature defies shareholder edicts – is key here, as is comfort. Fashion will see a boom when it comes to young and emerging designers who explore native textiles, construction, and embellishment techniques while employing local populations. Even as protectionism grows, younger generations are still invested in experience over traditional acquisitions, which means they value travel, food, and clothes that connect them to those experiences over things like buying houses and “settling down”. Many will see themselves as “multi-localists”, identifying as citizens of more than one community, township, or city.

“Wegoism” will also be central to the ‘Global Citizen’ trend, which prefers a stronger sense of community that takes into account how our daily actions and consumer behaviors impact the greater good. For that reason, “green” goods, locally made products, vegan materials, and ethical fashion will reach new heights. Clothes and accessories will revolve around a central humane thesis, comprising of bold hues, raised textures, and a blend of native patterns.

Fiery Femininity

There’s a growing sense of alarm among the women of the world as politicians seem to be marching backwards when it comes to women’s rights. Access to adequate medical care, equality in the workplace, and reproductive rights are central to the feminist movement, but much of the hard work done by our predecessors is being systematically dismantled by an extreme conservative movement that has seized hold worldwide, especially in Europe and the United States. For that reason, fashion will see a strong shift toward fierce and unapologetic femininity.

This will be highlighted by bold crimson and saturated jewel-toned palettes, oversized fits, more modest silhouettes that reject the male gaze, or strange silhouettes that completely change the shape of the female form. Clothes offering protective elements that resemble body armor will also become more prominent in fashion. Women will also choose clothes and accessories with a strong sense of identity, so bespoke details and customized elements will surge in 2019. Diversity and curvy women will also become more central to fashion stories and collections than ever before, as inclusivity and intersectionality become the default mode of being.

Techno Princess

By now, most of us live with our smartphones glued to the palms of our hands, and new generations of consumers have never known anything other than the technology-driven world we live in today. The ‘Techno Princess’ trend explores the fantasy side of fashion, particularly at the intersection of technology and fashion. Colors are immersive and metallic, while textures are sensual and created from haptic second-skin technical fabrics. Decorations, meanwhile, are indulgent, loud, and unmistakably futuristic.

Surfaces made from densely embroidered crystals, bespoke lace, technical mesh, elaborate brocade, glossy leathers, and plush silk will form the foundation of the techno princess’ wardrobe. She reaches for unusual silhouettes, clothes imbued with “raver” qualities like neon accents, tech-embedded products, and anything else that might cause a sensory overload. Her motto is “more is more” – creative, sculptural accessories are her go-to.

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