5 Jewelry Brands That Have Something (Stylish) to Say in Arabic

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Photo: Courtesy of Moda Operandi

When it comes to frosting oneself, no one does it better than the ladies of the Middle East. Experts in piling up dainty gold necklaces and perfecting the fine to faux jewelry ratio, Arab women are gifted with an artful eye, sophisticated taste, and a penchant for luxury. With this in mind, it’s really no surprise that some of the most beautiful fine-jewelry brands are either born in the GCC or influenced by the poetic stories, history, and art form of the Arabic language.

Savoir Flair has curated a list of sought-after brands currently innovating and celebrating the Arabic language and culture through precious metals and stones. Keep scrolling to discover the brands and to choose your future heirloom.


Shamsa Alabbar

Merging graphic design and calligraphy, designer Shamsa Alabbar creates stunning pieces for her namesake jewelry label. Turning traditional lettering on its head, the designer focuses on representing culture and honoring traditions in a very 21st-century way. Her designs are more akin to geometric architectural structures than words and, although not all pieces are instantly legible, they’re the perfect option for a non-conformist who loves art.

Shamsa Alabbar is available to buy at Symphony, The Dubai Mall.


Names by Noush

Created by Iranian fine-jewelry designer Anousha Razavi, Names by Noush began in 2007 as a passion project. The label focuses on made-to-order pieces that honor Persian culture by using lettering, initials, and names. The tiny “treasures” use semi-precious stones like turquoise, opal, and lapis with delicate diamonds to decorate both Farsi and English script and initials. Each piece is completely personalized in the United States and takes about eight to ten weeks to arrive.

Names by Noush is available to buy here.



Rather than focusing on typography and lettering, Tiba celebrates the beauty of Middle Eastern countries with diamonds and 18-karat gold. Dana Jaber and Rasha Abdelhadi created this brand to promote awareness; its primary goal being to wear your heart proudly around your neck (or your wrist) and show compassion to others doing the same. Tiba – meaning kindness in Arabic – donates a percentage of its proceeds to a relevant charity in whichever country your map jewelry represents. 

Tiba is available to buy here.


Bil Arabi

Designed by Dubai-based Lebanese designer Nadine Kanso, Bil Arabi has a firm reputation as one of the most sought-after jewelry brands in the UAE. Its calligraphic designs are handmade in the region, using typography to create heirlooms that focus on celebrating one’s heritage in the form of contemporary jewelry. Since launching the brand in 2006, Kanso has been merging the traditional and modern worlds to create signet rings, initial necklaces, and chunky cuffs.

Bil Arabi is available to buy here.


Agatha Paris

Drawing on the idea of sharing and remembering key moments, Agatha Paris’ 18k gold-plated ‘Symbols’ collection is made up of numbers one to nine, the 28 letters of the alphabet, and four meaningful words written in Arabic: The Life, The Peace, The Friendship, and The Love. Designed to be mixed and matched – either by stacking the dainty bracelets or by making a statement with just one letter or number – each piece subtly reveals a meaningful fact or private memory.

Agatha Paris is available to buy at Mercato Mall.

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