The 5 Bag Brands That Even Your Coolest Friends Don’t Know About

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Staud Clothing Bucket Bag
Photo: Courtesy of @Staud.Clothing

Gone are the days of safe signature handbags that go with everything in your wardrobe. Instead, it’s becoming increasingly popular to change your bag as often as you do your underwear. So, since bags are the new shoes, it’s only fair that you put your efforts into bulking up your collection with brands that you won’t find everyone else carrying, right?

From woven artisanal totes by Truss to innovations in leather by Danse Lente, all trends, tastes, and budgets are accounted for in Savoir Flair’s edit of the most unique handbag brands that are just waiting to be discovered. Read on to find out what they are.


Danse Lente

Danse Lente (which means slow dance in French) is a contemporary London-born brand specializing in handbags and small leather goods. Focusing on creating pieces inspired by modern architecture, this label is beginning to gain traction within the fashion blogosphere. Designer Youngwon Kim created the brand with the intention of surprising and delighting bag fanatics with pieces full of unexpected structures and fun details. Eva Chen recently expressed her love for the emerging label in one of her #EvaChenPose posts on Instagram, and we’re predicting it won’t be long before the ‘Phoebe’ bag goes viral.

Shop Danse Lente here.


Mon Purse

A big hit amongst fashion girls like Pandora Sykes and Negin Mirsalehi, the leather-goods brand is a favorite for its unique customizable options. Mon Purse’s made-to-order concept is “designed by you, made in Europe, and worn around the world” because founder Lana Hopkins is serious about women only owning bags that feel truly personal. The style, size, color, and materials are chosen by you – as are the monogrammed names, initials, or emojis – which means you’ll have a design that is actually one of a kind.

Shop Mon Purse here.



A brand with a big heart (and an even bigger personality), Truss creates woven bags, folios, and accessories in collaboration with local artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico. Created in 2013 by Elise Durbecq and Gillian Tozer, the label prides itself on celebrating vibrant colors and patterns used by Mexican natives as well as preserving authentic artisanal trade. The unique creations are simple but striking, working as well at the beach as with your nine-to-five wardrobe. And while they make look pricey, you’ll actually pocket some change out of AED 550.

Shop Truss here.


Mehry Mu

Designer Günes Mutlu first conceived the idea for her brand Mehry Mu while walking the alleys of the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Striking ikat fabrics and pretty embellishments have since become a brand signature across its suede and leather totes. Since its launch, the label has created multiple collections inspired by all aspects of the exotic East, including carpets, tiles, and architecture. Most recently, however, it’s the initial- and star sign-embossed clutches in velvet and straw that street-style stars and influencers have been swooning over. Each bag is still made in Istanbul today, with Mehry Mu set to become a brand to watch for the bohemian girl.

Shop Mehry Mu here.



You know the leather bucket bag encased in ivory netting that keeps popping up on your social-media feed? You owe that to clothing and accessories label Staud. Founded in 2015 by Sarah Staudinger and George Augusto, the downtown LA brand is earning its rightful title as a creator of “modern classics”, and its gorgeous bags are as well made as they are accessibly priced. The ‘Moreau’ bucket is currently sold out, but expect it to be on the arm of many come Fashion Week in September.

Shop Staud here.

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