5 Jewelry Brands Your Friends Don’t Know About – Yet

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Catbird stacking jewelry
Photo: Courtesy of Catbird

Whether you’re looking to invest in a piece of personalized fine jewelry that you’ll own forever or just want to inject some newness into your crazy oversized-earring collection, you want to do it with brands that not all of your friends own, right?

From just-launched jewelry label Elsa O and its over-the-top (in the best way possible) pieces to Indian-born Agaro’s customizable collections with a heritage influence, there’s something for every taste and budget just waiting to be discovered in Savoir Flair’s roundup.

Read on for five head-turning jewelry brands from all over the world that you (and your friends) might not know yet but are guaranteed to love.



Elsa O

Just launched for Summer 2017, Elsa O is a brand that celebrates the bold and playful side of fashion. Taking cues from some of nature’s most visually fun animals, artifacts, and objects, the first collection by the Beirut-born designer, named ‘Exotic’, is a glimpse of what’s to come from the emerging label.

Her designs are handcrafted using crystals, pearls, tassels, and Swarovski stones by artisans in Lebanon and draw on a wide range of glamorous inspirations, from the rich souks of Beirut to the heirlooms found in her grandmother’s jewelry box. Attention-grabbing (just look at those watermelons) and unashamedly fun, this brand is one to watch.

Elsa O is available to buy at lebelik.com


Vinita Michael

Hugely popular among some of Bollywood’s biggest celebrities, including Priyanka Chopra and Sonam Kapoor, Dubai-based brand Vinita Michael has been dominating the Indian jewelry market since her brand’s launch in 2008. The award-winning gemologist’s new 14-piece collection, named ‘Flora Fantastica’, is inspired by the beauty in nature and, although elaborate and luxurious in its form, is totally accessible in price. Each piece is made from gold-plated sterling silver and finished using Swarovski crystals.

Vinita Michael is available to buy at shop.vinitamichael.com



Founded in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2004, this women-led business has developed quite the loyal following over the years. Walking into the small store in NYC, where shelves display delicate fine jewelry, small home trinkets, and the odd piece of art, is akin to looking into a treasure chest. The concept of the store is to bring together a collection of artisanal brands that follow a similar aesthetic and provide pieces that feel truly special and one-off. There’s also a pretty amazing ‘Wedding Annex’ where you can buy signature classics or bespoke pieces.

The Catbird Collection is a line created and manufactured out of the brand’s Brooklyn studio, and it prides itself on using conflict-free stones and fairtrade gold and on donating part of its profit to NGOs that are aligned with its values.

Catbird is available to buy at catbirdnyc.com



Born and produced in Mumbai, Agaro is a brand that exudes authenticity and originality. Described by designer Roshni Singhal as a “celebration of the tradition and heritage of the ancient art of jewelry making”, each piece is handcrafted using techniques passed down through generations and established in the imperial workshops of the Mughal Court.

Using 22-karat gold, the ‘Roya Initial’ necklace is 100 percent bespoke and customizable, from color and pattern through to lettering and shape. With a concept and design process so special, this is the ultimate modern heirloom.

Agaro is available to buy at Sauce Rocks, The Galleria Mall, Dubai


L'Atelier Nawbar

Created by a family that has had artisanal jewelry creation running through its blood for four generations, L’Atelier Nawbar is truly innovative in its concept. Launched by sisters Dima and Tania Nawbar in 2011, the brand that exists today is the result of genuine talent and passion for the education behind jewelry creation.

A contemporary art gallery, jewelry boutique, and workshop all in one, the brand’s space is a first of its kind for Lebanon. Not just selling new pieces, the atelier also offers remodeling and restoration services during which beloved heirlooms are transformed and revived. 

L’Atelier Nawbar is available at Sauce Rocks, The Galleria Mall, Dubai or L’Atelier Nawbar, Beirut, Lebanon. 

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