Meet the 5 Middle Eastern Women You’ll Be Seeing on Nike Billboards

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Lana El Sahely, Yasmin Baker, Balqis Alrashed, Karen Mattar, Taiba Al-Nassar
Photo: Courtesy of Nike

Nike has unveiled its latest hard-hitting #BelieveInMore campaign, enlisting some of the Middle East’s most inspiring young women to fly the flag for their region and their gender – with truly beautiful results.

This isn’t the first time that the brand has championed the empowerment of women in sport; its previous What Will They Say About You? campaign shined a light on the stigma and stereotypes that come with being an Arab woman in sport. This time, however, Nike has applied its “relentless in the pursuit of excellence” ethos to not only athletes but also fashion bloggers, artists, and designers in order to promote the new ‘Chrome Blush’ collection.

Although from totally different backgrounds, these five women are all about pioneering their field and pushing boundaries. Above all, they collectively #BelieveInMore. Savoir Flair got to know the inspiring ambassadors a little better, below.


Lana El Sahely

Fashion Blogger and Entrepreneur

The creative force behind fashion blog L’Armoire de Lana, Lana El Sahely has made quite a mark on the region in just a few short years. She’s business minded and trend orientated, making her one of the most successful style influencers today. It comes as no surprise that she was hand-picked by Dolce & Gabbana to walk in the brand’s Fall/Winter 2017 show.

Talking about her latest venture with Nike, Lana says, “I believe in aiming to achieve. I believe that we can collectively lift each other up to achieve our dreams and goals. My platform isn’t just for me to portray fashion but to share more and inspire for change. Dream big and always believe in more.”

Photo: Courtesy of Nike

Yasmin Baker

Aerial-Yoga Specialist

At just 25 years old, Yasmin Baker holds the title of being the first – and only – Emirati aerial-yoga instructor. Inspired by her love of Cirque du Soleil, she overcame her fear of heights in order to pursue a career in the emerging sport. Talking about her experience, Baker explains, “When you believe in more, you take a calculated, bold, and optimistic step in the dark. And, in taking that step, you make a decision to create a positive experience or a positive opportunity to grow out of adversity. Push and progress without fear or guilt.”

Photo: Courtesy of Nike

Balqis Alrashed

Artist and Designer

Born in Riyadh and raised in Beirut, Balqis Alrashed is a visual artist, designer, and the co-founder of Qabila Apparel, a homegrown Khaleeji clothing line. Her ethos is built on exploring femininity and identities, with her most famous piece being a video – which later went viral – of herself wearing a niqab while hula-hooping.

Proudly recalling her experience of working with so many empowering women, Balqis says, “It is an honor to be surrounded by powerful, inspiring, and supportive women – on and off set – who only remind me that I belong to something bigger, that we are all connected, and that we all matter and can make a difference.”


Karen Mattar

Yoga Instructor

After four years of working in the corporate world, Karen Mattar decided to dedicate her time to her true passions: yoga and wellness. She left her position in business management behind and journeyed to India in a pursuit to turn her hobby into her career. She now teaches across five different styles of yoga and meditation.

“I personally think it is crucial for women to be aware of how important it is to know their potential and be the best they can. Whether it is in your fitness/yoga journey, lifestyle, career, or way of thinking, growth and change are inevitable. I hope that, on a personal level, I will keep on inspiring others to #BelieveInMore,” says Mattar.

Photo: Courtesy of Nike

Taiba Al-Nassar

Lifestyle Blogger and Artist

At just 16 years old, Taiba Al-Nassar is one of the youngest well-known influencers in the region. Her blog, The Urban Analyst, touches on varying aspects of inspiration in fashion, from street art through to architecture. Talking about her collaboration with Nike, she proudly says, “Here’s to believing in endless possibilities and infinite potential, and also to Arab women killing it in 2017.”

Image: Courtesy of Nike
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