Emirati Designer Brings Swan Lake to Life with a Stunning New Collection

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Swan Lake, Tchaikovsky’s iconic ballet drama, has been interpreted by Emirati fashion designer Hamda Al Fahim into a stunningly beautiful new collection for Spring/Summer 2017. Using layers upon layers of tulle, she has created seemingly endless ballet-inspired masterpieces.

“It intrigued me how the ballerinas took on a whole new life during the day, transforming into beautiful swans and then back into human form in the night. I had the intention of creating a range of gowns that would portray the concept of metamorphosis, while keeping true to my brand aesthetic. It felt crucial to illustrate the different characters of the ballet through the various gowns,” says Al Fahim to Savoir Flair.

Scroll through to discover the breathtaking collection from Hamda Al Fahim and find out how she handles awkward situations with grace in a fun interview, below.

Hamda Al Fahim Spring Summer 2017
Photo: Courtesy of Hamda Al Fahim

What was your transition into adulthood like?
Growing up, I certainly leaned more towards the creative side of things, and people would often call me a daydreamer. My curiosity for the artistic world began quite early and only got more elaborate as I grew older. When I look back, I recall being a young girl and eagerly looking forward to being an adult – I couldn’t wait to be able to do the things that only adults could do, such as wearing heels and beautiful gowns or even putting on lipstick.

I think I must’ve been around 11 or 12 when I felt the urge to design something for myself. There was a little neighborhood tailor right behind my house, so I bought some fabric and took it to him along with a sketch I had made. That was the beginning of a whole new chapter.

Who do you consider graceful?
To me, grace is an attitude that comes from within, more than being a facade. So, I’d say every woman who carries herself with class and elegance like a true lady.

Did you ever take ballet classes when you were young?
No, not at all, but I was always very fond of the Swan Lake ballet. It completely blew me away the first time I saw it.

Which can you personally relate to more: the black swan or white?
I feel that both swans have very strong characteristics that I can relate to. While the black swan is more confident, bold, and strong, the white one is fragile and more delicate in nature. I find myself naturally drifting in between these two extremes, depending on the circumstances.

Let’s say you are faced with the following six real-life situations. How would you handle each in a graceful manner:

  1. Getting out of the car in one of your big, beautiful gowns?
    Believe it or not, my dresses are actually very comfortable to wear. I do it all the time, and it has always been an effortless task.
  2. Making a graceful exit from an intimate social gathering?
    In the nicest way possible, I would excuse myself and thank the hosts for having me.
  3. Handling a wardrobe malfunction?
    It’s happened to me once, a while back. Thankfully, I was in a hotel and managed to find some thread and a needle. I resorted to stitching myself into the gown. What you do is to find a solution for it. Do we have thread and a needle somewhere? Great. If not, then maybe some sort of cover, like a scarf, could do the job.
  4. Accepting or receiving compliments?
    I usually get very timid when someone compliments me since I tend to shy away from the spotlight – but I’m slowly learning to just accept it.
  5. Running into someone wearing the same outfit?
    All smiles! I’d probably take a selfie with her.
  6. Someone leaving a rude comment in response to your #OOTD post?
    I don’t bother with that sort of thing. People will always be entitled to their opinions. Whether you choose to interact or not is up to you. I prefer to avoid acknowledging negativity in my life.
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