The Bedouin Woman Travels Into the Night for Fall/Winter 2017

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For Fall/Winter 2017, the Bedouin woman journeys into the night to explore the darkness and beyond, even touching upon outer space and astrology. It’s no surprise, then, that the new collection is rather aptly named Carpe Noctem, which translates to “live by the night”. Andraya Farrag, the designer behind the contemporary brand, wanted to celebrate the planet’s diversity as well as the mysticism and darkness that surrounds it. With this, Farrag embraced different elements of the universe for her new collection, using metallic fabrics and embroideries. In fact, one jacket even reads, “Stay wild moonchild” – perfect to satiate the inner dreamer in you.

“On a personal level, I believe it has something to do with my need for exploration and optimism. What drew me to the universe on this occasion was “the bigger picture”, reminding myself that we are surrounded by something quite magical. Although we are all faced with tragedy and unrest on a daily basis, I wanted to focus on something positive and unearth my childlike excitement for the unknown. Although the message is subtle, I hope that Bedouin will always have a positive perspective, which our customers can take away,” shares Farrag with Savoir Flair. Scroll through above to discover the collection and keep reading for a quick-fire interview with the regional designer.

Bedouin Fall Winter 2017 collection
Photo: Courtesy of Bedouin

Do you work and function better at night?
Honestly, I do! As I develop the brand and myself as a designer, I have realized how important it is to have a fulfilled personal life. In order to serve both sides to the full, therefore, I should work by the day and live by the night. However, there are no rules and sometimes I get so much satisfaction from working that I can work until the early hours! I choose to work from home because I never know when I might get a sudden rush of inspiration. There have been nights where one thought has led me to change the whole collection or move in a different direction. To some, this might seem unfocused, but I feel that there are no rules in this industry – it’s great to work off adrenaline and your gut feeling.

What time do you usually go to sleep?
On average, just after midnight most days – I like to have a clear idea of what I’m doing the next day and need a good half an hour to relax before going to sleep. I find that headspace is so vital for a good night’s sleep.

How much do you know about astrology and your zodiac sign?
As a young girl, I loved to read my horoscope and analyze others based on their apparent zodiac traits. However, I definitely do not live my life by it now! My star sign is Leo – we’re supposed to be fiery, creative, and fun. And Leos supposedly love to be the center of attention, which couldn’t be further from the truth in my case.

Five things you’ll take with you when you’re asked to move to another planet?
Music – everything from 50s rock and roll to electronic – along with a lifetime supply of guacamole and water, a camera, and pictures of my family.

What’s an out-of-this-world moment you’ve experienced so far?
Most moments that are out of this world usually involve travel and people. They could range from watching the sunrise over Angkor Wat in Cambodia or sharing dinner with a seamstress who I once worked with at her family home in India, with half of the village coming to say hello. My favorite recent moment was coming out at the end of the Bedouin presentation at Fashion Forward and seeing almost 300 people squished into the audience. It was such an overwhelming feeling – I ran backstage after about five seconds!

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