10 Foolproof Fashion Tips That Every Woman Should Know

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Your pristine white sneakers are stained, your favorite jeans are too loose, your wardrobe is too crowded, your new shoes are too tight – the list of fashion-related woes can go on forever. Thankfully, Savoir Flair’s must-know tips cover all these bases and more, so read on for easy solutions to fashion’s most annoying problems.


Like a Glove

If you’re dealing with a button-up, sweatshirt, or tee that is too big or ill-fitting, simply knot it at the waist and fold up the sleeves. The resulting look is effortlessly chic and way more flattering.

Knotted tee
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Vintage Revival

If you want to make a brand-new tee look vintage, the answer is simple. ‘Brine’ it in a vat of saltwater for three days for a significantly softer, more distressed look. For one shirt, the perfect mixture is comprised of one liter of water and 100ml of salt.


The Closet Game

There’s a super simple way to figure out which clothes you’re getting mileage out of versus which should be donated or stored: just turn every single item in your closet around so that the hanger tip is facing forward. As you wear items, put them back in the normal hanging position. After six months, check which clothes are still hung backwards – those are the items you never wear and should get rid of.

10 fashion tips closet hangers
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Made for Walking

You’ve snagged the most coveted heels of the season, but they’re way too uncomfortable to flaunt. Fortunately, the fix is easy. Simply slip on a thick pair of socks, put on the heels, and then (carefully) blast them with a hairdryer. It also helps to walk around your room in between hair-drying your shoes. The heat helps the shoes become more flexible and shape themselves to your feet, while walking in thick socks helps widen them slightly, so that they fit more comfortably.


Double Down

When you find an item that you love – be it the most comfortable bralette ever, a flattering pair of jeans, or the perfectly tailored button-up – buy two or more versions of it. Because fashion is fickle and moves at the speed of light, the chances that you’ll be able to find it again after it wears out in a year or two are slim to none. Hedge your bets against the future by doubling down on your favorite items and ensure that your wardrobe foundation stays solid.

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Digital Consultation

While you’re out shopping, keep your Pinterest app at the ready. When you find an item that you love but don’t know how to style it, perform a quick search on Pinterest and see how bloggers and street-style stars are wearing theirs. This will help give you styling ideas and see a real-world example of the item in a way that you can critique objectively before buying it for yourself.


Helping Hand

When you don’t have anyone around to help you fasten a bracelet, an ingenious solution awaits. Simply pull open a paper clip and loop one end through the clasp end of your bracelet while holding the top part with your fingers so that the clasp stays in place.


White and Bright

If you’re as obsessed with white sneakers as the rest of the fash pack is, chances are you spend quite a bit of time keeping them clean, pristine, and Instagram-ready. Cut maintenance time in half by spot-cleaning your shoes with white vinegar after you wear them. A toothbrush dipped in vinegar will also help you clean the hard-to-reach places on your shoes, like its divots.

For more tips on how to keep your sneakers fresh-out-the-box white, click here.

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A Stop to Sag

The most comfortable clothes are usually made with a bit of stretch or give for ease of movement. However, too much stretch or give can result in permanent sagging, which makes clothes appear to be ill-fitting and old. Check the tag to ensure your items contain less than five percent of Lycra, but ideally you’re aiming for two. A little bit of stretch goes a long way.


For Your Consideration

Stop! Before you take that pile of clothes to the tailor for hemming and fitting, make sure that you are going in armed with the following knowledge. Jeans should be washed twice before being taken to a tailor because it takes two washes for them to shrink to their permanent size.

Also, take heel height into consideration before deciding on a hem length for pants or maxi skirts. Most women make the mistake of having hems taken up without considering the footwear they would ideally pair the items with. For instance, if you live in six-inch heels, be prepared to let hems out rather than take them in.

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