The 5 Brands Celebrities Are Wearing This Summer

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Photo: Courtesy of Tom+Lorenzo

Have you been paying attention? If so, it’s been impossible not to notice how five brands in particular have taken over this summer – they’re popping up on major celebrities both on and off the red carpet. We’re talking, of course, about the surprising mix of high-, mid-, and low-range brands that includes Gucci, Zara, Versace, Zimmermann, and Reformation.

On the high-fashion side, Gucci and Versace hold it down with glamorous, colorful, and flattering styles, while Bohemia lovers have fallen hard for the easy, feminine beauty of Zimmermann and Reformation. Meanwhile, everyone loves Zara, and that’s because this retailer offers something for everyone, from comedians like Amy Poehler to heiresses-to-the-throne like Kate Middleton.

Read on to find out more about these five cult favorite brands and the celebrities who love them.



Alessandro Michele has not only turned the Gucci aesthetic on its head since taking over the brand in January 2015, but he’s also helped ramp up sales by offering a hodgepodge of rainbow-hued, vintage-inspired threads mixed with streetwise styles. Gucci isn’t just killing it in the ready-to-wear department – the brand is also responsible for some of the most coveted accessories of the past year (the ‘Princetown’ loafer, anyone?) and has been slaying it with gorgeous, embroidered gowns on the red carpet.



If you’re looking for awesome, stylish clothes made by people with a conscience, Reformation is your brand. This Los Angeles-based company has made “killer clothes that don’t kill the environment” its motto, backing that up with gorgeous tailored basics, flattering and flirty dresses, and lightweight rompers. Not only does it have that feminine, summery look nailed down, but its prices stay on the affordable side as well.



Donatella Versace has a knack for sniffing out youthful, new talent – after all, she’s responsible for putting Anthony Vaccarello (the new Creative Director of Saint Laurent) on the map. When Versace selected emerging supermodel and social-media star Gigi Hadid to be the face of its campaigns, youth interest in the brand practically doubled overnight. Versace is now churning out hip accessories, bomber jackets, and flame-licked looks to satisfy the bright young things of Hollywood.



Zara, the frequently mispronounced Spanish clothing company (try saying dzah-dah a couple of times without laughing), has a business model so successful that its founder, Amancio Oretga, is the richest man in Europe. By constantly turning out new, affordable styles and presenting them via stylish, minimal shoots, Zara’s marketing campaign practically runs itself. Celebrities are obvious fans, even going so far as to wear Zara pieces to major life events, like Kate Middleton in her darling red jacket at the Queen of England’s 90th birthday party.



Zimmermann, a breezy, bohemian, and utterly lovely Australian label, has been flying under the radar for over a decade, but it’s now the name on everyone’s lips. While it was the brand’s swimwear that first caught the fash pack’s attention, it’s now safe to say that Zimmermann’s entire offering has made its way to the top of our wish lists, from delicate, romantic dresses and printed frocks to sweet cover-ups for the beach.

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