Keeping It in the Family: Ava Hashemi On Her Muse and Sister, Elma

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In 2013, Dubai-based Iranian designer Ava Hashemi launched her line, Hâshè, in the UAE, but it was a year later, when she showcased a collection of well-tailored and structured silhouettes that were both flattering and sophisticated for her Spring/Summer 2014 collection at Fashion Forward, that people really started to take notice of this young designer.

As the brand continues to grow, Ava mainly draws support and inspiration from her family – especially from her older sister Elma, whom she considers to be the perfect muse. Speaking exclusively to Savoir Flair, Ava shares, “The Hâshè woman is someone who is strong and wants to make a difference. She doesn’t conform and it is apparent in the way she dresses, the art she creates, the buildings she designs, and the books that she writes. Elma is the perfect example of a Hâshè woman, as she possesses many of the characteristics that are in line with the brand.”

Read on to find out more about their relationship and discover the Hâshè Spring/Summer 2016 collection.


How would you describe your relationship with your sister Elma?
Ava: She is my life’s superhero. She’s not only a sister, but she is also my best friend, counselor, role model, and so much more. I always go to her for advice.

What’s the most important thing that your sister Elma has taught you and that you’ve applied to your career?
Ava: The most important things would be persuasion and efficiency. She always finds a way to make the impossible possible.

What were you like as kids?
Elma: She was the naughty one, but at the same time she was so mature that I never felt the four-year age gap. Our childhood home was always fun and filled with laughter because of her.

Ava: Aside from the times she didn’t let me play the role of the princess when we were kids, she has always been a kind soul. Even when we were younger, she was always very responsible and mature.

Elma, did Ava show an interest in fashion and designing from an early age?
Elma: Absolutely. I remember that Ava loved rummaging through my grandmother’s old fabrics. She used to cut them up and make them into dresses for our dolls. As she grew up, she showed more interest in art and design by picking up painting. However, during her high-school years, she decided to become an engineer like my father. She pursued engineering and management at university, but her part-time enrollment in a fashion school made her realize her true passion and talent. I always knew that she would, one way or another and at some point in her life, end up in this field.

What do you enjoy doing together?
Elma: It doesn’t really matter; it’s always fun being together. I specially enjoy talking to her. She knows and understands me better than anyone else. She’s the fairest person I know, so I always trust her judgment.

Ava: Pretty much anything and everything! I particularly enjoy brainstorming for new collections with her; she always has great ideas. Movie nights are also one of my favorite activities with her.

As you’ve grown up, how has your relationship changed?
Elma: She’s my partner in crime. No matter how old we are, our relationship grows stronger with each passing day. I can’t imagine a day without her and, now that we live in two different countries, I start my day by Whatsapping her and end it with her voice.

Ava: I think we appreciate each other and the time we spend together more and more as we grow older.


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