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Paris Fashion Week
Word of the Day at Paris Fashion Week: Faux Frenzy
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by Mimi Droeshout 2-minute read February 29, 2024

Fabulous, and (eco-)friendly! 

article WGSN

Paris Fashion Week is on a faux fur roll and it's nothing short of fabulous. Balmain is leading the charge with skin-tight dresses that aren't shy about flaunting fuzzy sleeves, making a bold statement that's both chic and cruelty-free. Meanwhile, Acne Studios is playing it cool with subtle fur detailing, adding just the right touch of luxury to its minimalist aesthetic. 


But it's Dries Van Noten who went all out with plush faux fur coats that screamed opulence without the guilt. This coming season, it's clear that the fashion world is all about the faux fuzzies, embracing warmth, style, and sustainability in one fell swoop. So, get ready to snuggle up in some seriously stylish faux fur because Paris has spoken, and the verdict is fluffy.

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